Friday, July 1, 2011

Talk, talk, talk

This morning, Debbie and I had a rare moment: Extra Time. I had a late meeting and Debbie's first appointment was mid morning.

So we had time to ... TALK.

Fortunately, Debbie had just read an article about how talking is good for marriages.

I started the conversation poorly, "Hmmmm ... interesting concept."

"It's important, Joel. We need to talk more."

"You know ... Guys probably do more listening."

"Actually the article said that guys need to talk more and women need to talk less."

"Okay ... so let's practice this morning. You practice yours first and then sometime tomorrow I'll practice mine."

"Very funny. You know you could practice better listening skills."

"I'm a great listener."

"Oh yeah? So why do you say 'What?' to everything I say."



"I was kidding, Debbie. You know ...  sometimes your conversations start in the middle somewhere. I think you probably start them in your mind and continue the story later when it hits your vocal chords."

"That's not true. You just tune out when you're not interested."

"I don't agree ... give me an example."

"Happens all the time ... like remember the time we were talking about your father and you hadn't called him and you told me you did but I said it wasn't about that week we went on vacation but the day we went to the play and you then turned away and talked to the girl who served us the drinks while I was standing right there and then we were interrupted by that obnoxious fat guy who spilled his drink on me and you just laughed .... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"Ummm ...  I'm ... checking my emails."

"I can't believe it ... you see ... YOU DON'T LISTEN TO ME."



Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic how ALL the sisters have married cave-dwelling poor-ass listeners.... Weird Huh???
But I have found a a perfect way to celebrate anniversaries.......
Send us "the wife" to a broadway show and dinner with our best friend (or sister) and you "the husband" go fishing with your best friend, or solo. We get to talk ALL we want and you get to sit and be quiet all you want... EVERYBODY is happy!

joel said...

@Anonymous ... Great plan ... O Wise Sister ... Sounds like a new tradition is born.

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