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A Penny for your Thoughts

I just listened to a funny routine about men's brains vs women's brains. We've all heard  variations on this theme ... this one was entertaining and really hit home ...

Men have brains filled with boxes. Each one is different and each is separate. When a man wants to discuss a subject he pulls out a box and opens it up. When he's finished he closes it, puts it away and opens another one. No boxes touch ... EVER.

Women on the other hand have brains that are like a continuous wire. EVERYTHING is connected back to the beginning of time. Thoughts, emotions, events are all together. That's why women remember everything and men are limited to their boxes.

I almost forgot. There is one box that is the absolute favorite of men. It's EMPTY. Whenever he can, a man takes this box out and has it open for hours. This is why men can do mindless things for long periods of time like fishing or watching a game on TV ... doesn't matter which game or even which sport.


Living in a House of Cards

Okay ... Everyone who is fed up with the candidates from this year's presidential campaign raise your hands! No ... Not you guys. I know you get confused. You started that right hand salute just like that house painter from Vienna ... Ummm ... What's his name with the little moustache?

I, for one, needed a break from reality so I started watching the new series of House of Cards. Frank Underwood is the man ...  He could take any candidate today and  shrink them down to size in his bare hands because ... He is one bad dude. 
Only one person scarier than Frank: his wife Claire. She is even more of a force in the new season. 
I love this show. It's politics at its worst, no redeeming qualities for the candidates, and decisions based on retaining power and control. The characters would literally kill their mothers for control. 
Wait a minute ... I just realized something ... Maybe it IS reality TV.

Houston We Have a Problem

I rarely talk about work trips ... but wanted to share the one that we took yesterday ... just for grins. We flew to Houston to have dinner with a few very special alumni. 

The United flight was not full so once we boarded, we asked about changing our seats (after we realized that we were sitting right in front of the bathroom).

The flight attendant replied, "Well, as long as  you don't sit in row 21 or higher... " he paused and pursed his lips, "Those are upgrades."
"Okay. So can we pay for an upgrade?"
"That will cost you $100 a ticket if you did it here. "
"Where else can you do it?"
I think that threw him for a loop so he just waved me on. We wound up sitting in the "better" seats which really seemed like the other seats just not by the bathroom. They didn't charge us. 
When we landed, we faced our next transportation challenge: the ride to the Courtyard Marriott. Apparently there was a shuttle to the hotel but no…