Monday, December 28, 2015

Love ya man

Today, I was looking at old pictures of my son Josh.

The time has flown by. Josh was born 29 years ago. I used to hold him in my arms and now he's taller than me.

In just a few days, he'll be married.

He's the youngest and last to marry. His oldest sister, Nikki, got married first ... a few years ago, Alissa was the most recent bride and now Josh.

So here I sit trying out a few stories to tell the crowd on New Year's Eve.

Maybe I'll tell story that's a family favorite ... the time that Josh stood on his bunk bed and peed on the floor. Did I say the time? I meant EVERY time ... EVERY day.  His mother and I wondered for the longest time why his room smelled like our dog (who had died the year before).
Or there's the story his grandfather tells about a shopping trip to Publix. Somehow Josh got caught between the wheels and the basket as he was climbing around. He caused quite a scene as the store manager and a crowd of bystanders were busy trying to figure out how to take the cart apart. They figured out just before the jaws of life showed up.

Oh ... Then there was the day I came home and the girls had  covered him with makeup, nail polish and jewelry. I was not happy.

But the story I'll never forget is not a funny one. I still feel the same pit in my stomach when I tell it. It happened after a football practice in high school. I got a call at work. Josh was in pain ... serious pain ... across his shoulder and down his side. Got him to the ER at All Children's Hospital where it was discovered that his spleen was ruptured. In practice that afternoon, he was tackled as he held the ball, falling full force on the tip.  

He was immediately sent to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where he was monitored night and day as doctors evaluated whether to remove his spleen or let it heal naturally. It was almost 50% damaged. After many days in the unit he eventually healed and kept his spleen (which I found out regenerates itself if it's not too far gone).

So many stories.

His friends and family will all be there to help celebrate. He's a great kid and a special man. It has been such a treat watching my children grow into adults. and a pleasure to welcome new members of the family: Steven Cohen, Nikki's husband and Nate Lawver, Alissa's husband and now Theresa Evans ... the woman who will be my new daughter in law.

Every one of them hold a special place in my heart. Nikki's two children Cole and Grace are so damned cute that I am continuously posting pictures of them.

So Josh, I've probably exhausted every story about you just as I have your two wonderful sisters. But it won't stop me from repeating them again.

By the way ... does Theresa know you pee in bed?  


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