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Dancing our Way Across the Country

Deb and I just flew in to John Wayne Airport this afternoon.

We are in Irvine, California to celebrate my buddy, Joe Sambito's 60th birthday. It's a surprise ... and based on the flights, we were almost as surprised just to get on a plane.

When we checked in, we ran into hundreds of teenagers with gigantic hair. They were everywhere. There were so many of them that they were numbered. I thought the numbers might have been bigger depending on the size of their hair.

I was wrong ... it was a dance competition for the Celtic Irish Dancers of America Under God ... Indivisible .... etc.

I should have known. Just our luck ...  Almost  every trip we've made this year has been highlighted by large dance competitions at OUR hotel. In Nashville (the first round of NCAA basketball competition) there was a national cheerleading competition, In New York, the International Dance Competition of the them all ... THOUSANDS of girls with doting parents, hauling suitcases of makeup and pett…

Teachers' Lounge

I did it.

I finally finished my book. I think it's pretty good ... but I also thought that Kinky Friedman would be a megastar. (Kinky ... in case you read this ... there is still time.)

The novel is called Home Movies. Those who have known me fror 30 years or more know that I have been writing this and erasing it for about that long.

The premise: Buddy Rosen is an elementary school teacher (Kindergarten) who teaches his class in unorthodox ways ... one of which is showing old home movies that he buys at flea markets as story starters for the kids. One day he happens to buy his own home movies which had been lost for years and discovers his father ... who had died when he was twelve ... might still be alive. He goes on a search to find his family. What he finds is more mysterious than he first thought.

Here's an excerpt:

Buddy put his feet up on the old scratched table that was reflective of the rest of the decor that adorned the Teacher's Lounge. He read a SpiderMan comic …

Nikki, This One's For You

Seems like only yesterday that Nikki (at 2 years old) was sitting on her bed, dressed in a ballerina outfit, telling me that she was going to be a doctor and live in France. Today, she's a doctor ... living in Savannah ... just down the road from a French restaurant (okay, I made that up but there might be one close by).

She also just got engaged a few days ago to a great guy. They are both very happy and very much in love.

I am so proud of my daughter who has worked so hard to get where she is today and who was my first born and the light of my life (Josh and Alissa ... sorry but she was the first, you know?).

I'll always remember ...

... the hundreds of trips to soccer practice and games, watching her zip past defenders and score goals

... sitting in the stands for volleyball games where she patiently waited her turn in rotation because she was so much shorter than the other players ... but so valuable as a defender

... listening to her play the piano at the recitals that…

Car Talk

I got a new car today.

Sure I'm excited. It's a little bigger and roomier than my last car ... both are Infinitis.

That's the extent of my technical expertise.

SO ...  I decided instead to write about the features that aren't in the "book".

1. USF Parking Sticker. This sticker was on my last car and transferred to the new one. It wasn't done fast enough, apparently. The last couple of days, I had a loaner car and parked it in my designated spot. It was both ticketed and "booted" in the span of two days. My assistant saved me by throwing herself in front of the security golf cart in an effort to reason with the campus police. They were convinced that I was a criminal and had to protect my parking space from ... myself. Thank heavens I am once again "legal".

2. Debbie's car. This has nothing to do with my car's features ... just wanted you to see that my car has already made a friend.

3.   GPS map. Really cool. Now it even "…

Please Pass the Celery

I'm doing fine.

Two days of the South Beach Diet and I hardly feel it (feed me). I had one scrambled egg and a water for breakfast and a chicken salad for lunch and scallops for dinner last night (help!). This is a piece of cake (cake??? cake ???) and I'm not sure what all the fuss is about to just lose a few pounds ... I can do this standing on my head (I have such a headache!).

You know I figure I only have to lose about 40 pounds (WHAT? 40 POUNDS?).

Thankfully, Debbie is helping me out and she is remaining my rock (yesterday she threw the iphone at me when she couldn't figure out grams on the app). Having a partner through this process is truly a blessing (I can't wait until she goes to church on Sunday).

So ... those of you who doubt that I can last (I can't !!!) will be surprised when I finish this program and  have a new trim bod ( FAT chance).

Wish me luck that I'll be strong. (btw ... please leave an order of fries at my back door ... Debbie is not ho…