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Bye Bye Bahston

Deb is reading me the news again as we wait to board the plane. It's the newspaper from last week in St. Pete. 
By the way ... Forgot to mention the great restaurant on the North End we went to the other night: Limoncellos. What a great meal we had. Rosette Al Montasio Ed Olio Di Tartufo to be exact. To die for! 
Mark and Keli ordered us a very special wine to start. Nice touch!!!
Oh good they just called us to board. Debbie just got to the section on local elections too! Oh well. 
Going home.

Chesney Does Bahston

We went to the Kenny Chesney concert tonight. 
Actually, Kenny Chesney is why we are here. Debbie raised her hand at sister Keli's fundraiser a few months ago and ... magically ... we were the owners of two concert tickets, a limo ride and a stay at the Parker House Omni.  

The limo picked us up early to get us to Gillette Stadium with the other 70,000 concert goers. Most of them were in the parking lot feeling no pain when we got there.  Average age was probably 18 (well maybe there were some who actually were legal). 
Inside, the stadium started to fill slowly. The age of the crowd started to look more diverse as people took their seats. On stage was Sam Hunt, former football player and country songwriter/ musician. He did a long set. Very good. 
Then the crowd swelled and Miranda Lambert took the stage. She killed it. Deb told me the history of her marriage and breakup with Blake Shelton (I'm probably the only person in America who didn't know all the stuff about Gwen Stefa…

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Today we started out bright and early looking for another meal. No ... The beer comes later.  
Actually we wound up an Panera. I know ... We come all the way to Boston for a bagel at Panera. But hey ... it was a quick stop ... and plus I had to find a bathroom. 
Ready for a little TMI? Our toilet in the room is about the size of teacup. A full size man (like yours truly) can't even  ... Well let's just say that I'm not sure how a person who is 4'10" fits on it.  
So I was happy to see the Men's Room sign at Panera. I hurriedly grabbed the handle and noticed the sign "Enter the four digit code from your receipt". Darn, I threw away my receipt. How was I to know that this clever foil to keep away street people from relieving themselves would now inhibit my ...
"Ain't got your code?" One of the Panera housekeepers asked. 
"I'm ... I must have thrown it ..."
"Thank you so much. I really ..." He was gone. 

Boston Continued

Landed at 3 in the afternoon.

After checking in to the Parker House we headed over to Quincy Market. Had a cup of clam Chowda and a beyah. 
Had to get a picture from Dick's Last Resort the place where insults are served with lunch. 
That was our whole day! We went back to the room and woke up at 11 PM.
 I'm having M&Ms before I sleep again.

Boston Bound ... Thoughts of Doc Hollywood

Off to Boston today.

I'll keep you posted on the next few days. Jet Blue is the best by the way ... Free wifi, movies, no waits, lots of room. 
 Good start!
I was looking through the movies on the plane and up came Doc Hollywood. Remember that one? Michael J. Fox is the doc whose car breaks down in a little southern town and winds up falling in  love, giving up his practice in Hollywood ... Etc. 

Well ... The guy who wrote the original book based on his life (that became the screenplay) Is a doctor named Neil Schulman. He's a professor at Emory University, a comedian, author and the chairman of the Patch Adams Foundation. 
So happens I know Neil. 
Interestingly, he called me when I worked at All Children's Hospital about the music that Mike and I wrote for kids. He was working on a TV special and a new book and heard our stuff. He loved it. 
We corresponded back and forth for a while and he ultimately invited me to meet with his creative staff in Georgia. His office was actua…

Waste Makes Haste or (something like that)

What is it with tiny trash cans (sorry ... "Wastebaskets")?

I hate them. 
They serve no purpose. I have one in my closet that can only accommodate one wire hanger and a plastic dry cleaner bag. If the hanger sticks up too far it constantly tips over. 
So therefore I have to empty it every day (into a bigger trash can). 
Conversely my bathroom has an oversized wastebasket. 
My guess is ... it provides a home for the huge number of used Qtips, Kleenex and cotton balls that I go through in a week.
I could let that one fill up for a year and still have plenty of room. 

My office has a small round wastebasket that sits under my desk. 
It's really not for documents or any big items ... Mostly pens that run out of ink or the occasional sticky note or an employee that misbehaves. 
The challenge here is that I typically reach under the desk to throw stuff away and constantly miss the basket. I wish it was more squared off to fit against the sides. 
But then again ...this is just the sm…

NOLA (hot hot hot) Part deux

Rainy, muggy, can't breathe ... Still standing and still eating (and drinking!)

What a great night last night. Bob's buddies Alicia and Michael hosted us for the White Party on Julia Street. It's an annual street party that celebrates the arts ... More food and drink. 
We took this picture from their condo which overlooked the skyline downtown. What a cool place. 
Mike and Alicia and I played a little 'NOLA: what school'd you go to?' They confirmed for the group what I said earlier. You know you're from New Orleans if you talk about what high school you went to. Nobody talks about colleges. 
New Orleans is a great place. Still a wonderful "small town" with a big heart. We knew the same people even though we grew up in different neighborhoods and had different circles. 
What a great trip ... with great friends ... Flying out today. 
Laissez les bons temps rouler!
(Let the good times roll for the non-Cajuns in the crowd)

NOLA in August (hot hot hot)

Flew to New Orleans on Thursday and haven't stopped since. Having a blast with the Longs and the Donaldsons. 

I'll sum up the trip (if the men told the story) so far:
Eating Walking Drinking Eating Walking Gambling Eating Listening to music.  Oh ... And eating 
(If the women told it):
Well we had the best time on Thursday when we landed because Debbie found the cutest slot machine at the Treasure Chest Casino on the way to the hotel (when Joel took the wrong turn out of the airport because he wasn't paying attention) and when we got to the hotel the valet was $45 (forget it we will park in the casino garage) and we ate at Grande Isle (to die for seafood) and then we gambled at Harrahs and lost soo much money. 
The next day we had coffee and donuts at Cafe du Monde in Riverwalk (not the one by Jackson Square ... too hot and the line is way too long) and walked down Royal Street to look at antiques and art (oh my god MSRau is like a museum but everything costs a million doll…

Will Miss You F***head

Sad news today about one of my closest  friends Dave McKay, WQYK longtime country radio personality, who died this morning unexpectedly. He was only 55.

Dave was irreverent, funny, constantly talking ... And truly a guy who cared about others. 
Ironically, the last time I saw him was just a few months ago at the funeral of another good friend, Terry Tomalin, also a great media personality who died too young. 
Lots of funny stories I could tell. But the one I always remember was one that he used to love to tell over and over. 
Dave's real name is Steve Ehmke. When I was at All Children's Hospital, he was a regular donor to our Telethon. I sent him many thank you letters over the years but one year he called me: "Hey ... How long have we been friends?"
"I dunno ... 10 years?" I said. 
"So what's with this letter you just sent me 'Dear Mr. Ehmke ... Thank you for your recent donation ...'"
"Did I misspell your real name?"