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Little Lissy

Next weekend, my beautiful daughter Alissa is getting married.

I am stunned that time has been moving so quickly. I thought I'd repost a blog entry that I wrote about "little Lissy" that is one of my favorites:  

Dress Up (reprinted from December 2009)
Lissy loved to dress up in costumes.

It didn't have to be a special holiday for her to break out the Genie outfit or ballerina get-up or some funky combination of moccassins, socks, sweaters and wild looking pants. The Genie pants were the family favorite because Lissy wore the cartoon character underwear underneath. We eventually had to pry those pink plastic shoes off her feet.

I think Halloween started this tradition. Not so much for her sister Nikki. Nikki was glad when Halloween was over since her mother insisted on creating the costumes herself. They always consisted of three rolls of aluminum foil, black leotards, black and gold face paint, black socks and eye makeup.

We used to name Nikki's outfits.

The "…