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The Pier ... Unique and Beautiful

Walked to the Pier downtown in St. Pete. For those who don't know the history

 ... The Pier's origins date back to 1889, when the Orange Belt Railway constructed the Railroad Pier on Tampa Bay as a railway-accessible sightseeing and recreational resort for locals and tourists. This was done three years before St. Petersburg’s incorporation as a city in 1892. The Railroad Pier's immediate success led to its replacement in 1906 with the Electric Pier, which extended 3,000 feet into the bay and awed visitors and spectators with its highly dramatic night lighting.

The Electric Pier, in turn, was replaced in 1914 by the Municipal Pier, which was so heavily damaged by the Hurricane of 1921 that the city of St. Petersburg appropriated a $1 million bond for a new structure. This was dedicated on Thanksgiving Day in 1926 as the Million Dollar Pier, a Mediterranean-style casino that included an observation deck, an open-air ballroom, and a spacious interior atrium for card games and…

Surprising Secrets (or maybe not)

Just read an article on LinkedIn (I think it was written by someone half my age ... but lately, everyone seems to be half my age). Okay, truth is I was bored and looking for inner meaning in my life. Isn't that why people read this stuff?

This article was called: "Surprising Secrets of Truly Great Bosses". It completely reverses all the things you have ever learned about good management. Get it? Me either ... except that it gets people to read your article, I guess.

Anyway ... I put my own spin at the end of each poignant statement:

1. They put the customer second.

When managers preach and practice the longstanding axiom to put the customer first, they overlook their employees, who are the people actually responsible for creating and nurturing the customer experience.

Customers can immediately sense when the employees of the firms from which they buy are miserable, overworked, or under trained. Truly great bosses concentrate on making certain that their employees are ha…

Way Down Yonder ... Finale

Parting shots of New Orleans (My artsy side):
Love these tall balcony window/doorways.
Chartres Street

By the Square

St Louie's

Royal Street

$16 for 30 minutes

Famous doorway

Don't see this every day

Cemetery shot

Way Down Yonder ... Continued

Question: What is pictured to the left?

Hint: This is one of the major food groups in New Orleans.

Answer: If you said beignets .. you are not a native. My people just call them donuts. Order this at Morning Call in Metairie and say ... "Order of donuts and coffee". That means café au lait and beignets.

By the way, it only costs about $4.

Is there anything in the world more delicious?

Deb and I started there this morning. It was a grey day with scattered showers and  not one you'd want to spend walking the streets of the French Quarter so we drove to my old haunts.

This is my favorite. Morning Call (as I've written about before in my blog: "How you know if someone grew up in New Orleans") is the best place to have coffee and donuts. It used to be down the street from Café Du Monde in the Quarter and all the locals ate there. It moved some years back to Metairie and still has the original furnishings and still is the best!

It was such a dreary day that …

Way Down Yonder (The Prequel)


A weekend we can actually get away. And where better to get away? You guessed it ... New Orleans!

This morning we packed our bags, jumped in the car (well not exactly jumped ... more like dragged our butts) and headed to the airport. No stand by flights for us. We had actual tickets on Southwest. It's the only airline with direct flights to New Orleans. We can, of course, pick our own seats (lovely visual huh?) We had numbers A43 and A44 because Debbie got Early Bird Check-in for only $16,000 which allowed us to be in the A line without calling at 2AM ... I guess.

You know, even though I am always excited about going home, I must admit I always start out in a rotten mood before every flight. I can't stand Security. I'm usually the guy getting pulled out of line and patted down. This time I really did everything I was supposed to. I even put my dangerous deodorant and toothpaste in a quart size baggie.

But alas ... I knew it was too good to be true.

I heard TSA a…

Forty Years Ago Today

Tom and Dennie celebrated 40 years of marriage last night. It was kinda like a sequel to Tony n' Tina's Wedding hosted by long time friends Debbie and Wally.

Dennie arrived at the house wearing her original wedding dress trailed by twin sister Debbie holding the train (yes ... my Debbie) just like she did on her wedding day. I was impressed that Dennie wore the original dress she wore 40 years ago. (Anything that I wore 40 years ago won't go past my knees.)

The girlfriends squealed with delight (all night) and took tons of pictures.

We had dinner around a long table as friends toasted to their long relationship.

Debbie read a sweet speech she did in 5 minutes last night, Doug talked about marital bliss (he's been married twice ... this time for less than a year), Betty F___ Crocker (inside joke) gave the most inspirational speech thatmay have been in tongues, Phyllis knocked down the candles in the middle of my speech and Denise needed a translator to explain most of …