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Man Cave

The man cave is almost finished.

Actually, as far as I'm concerned it IS finished. The TV set is hung, the components are in the rack, the remote is set, the couch is in place and there's beer in the refrigerator.

Speaking of TVs ... did I mention that I have the new Samsung 3D TV? When I first bought it, there was only one movie out ... Monsters and Aliens. I know it by heart. Now there are at least ... um ... three more I think.

Regardless, it came with these cool battery operated 3D glasses. Debbie says I look like a reject from the Blu Blockers commercial. Yesterday, I went to Best Buy to get a pair of rechargeables. The battery life is short and I have to pace myself with viewing time, you know?

The new remote is really awesome. (I only say awesome when I have my Blu Blockers on). Pre-programmed for everything, it can play every station, movie and i tune on my system. AND ... I can turn on anything I want in any room of the house ... (why I would want to do that I don't…

Sam on Saturday

"Sansabelt ... you remember me telling you about Sansabelt?"

Sam began this discussion right in the middle of his in depth evaluation of his life ... over the last 89 years. He stopped and switched gears after asking me why my brother and I left home so soon (when we were 21) and why I didn't like the retail business (selling shoes to poor people on Dryades Street).

"Yes, I remember Sansabelt," I answered hoping that I could engage in at least one of his conversation tracks.

"Well, I thought they went out of business .. you remember?"

" I think so ... that was right before you went into severe withdrawal about missing the polyester beltless plaid pants that you so loved right?"

"Guess what?"

"You found them."

"Right ... and there's a store right here in Tampa."

"That's great. want me to get you a couple of pairs?

"No! Do you know they sell for $99 now. I remember when they were only $35."

Vegas Sights ... and Sounds

"There she is ... Miss America!"
And there we were ... at the Planet Hollywood Theater in Las Vegas when all of a sudden the lights dimmed and 53 Miss America hopefuls hit the stage. One by one they introduced themselves:

"Hi, I'm Ashley Davis from the great state of Alabama."

"My name is Abby Hancock and I'm from Alaska."

"Hi ... my name is Perez Hilton and I'm from New York."
(Okay ... the last one was bogus. Perez Hilton is really from Florida.)

We had great seats thanks to my all time Favorite Miss A ... Nicole Johnson. She was Miss America 1999 and currently works at USF, helping families deal with chronic illness and diabetes management. A diabetic herself, Nicole is truly a role model for women of all ages.

As the show progressed, the women wore the traditional pageant garb ...  swimwear to evening gowns and did an incredible job of maintaining their poise (considering the youngest among them was 17 years old). I don't thi…

Little JOHNNY?

I was reminded yesterday of a flight that we took a couple of years ago. I don't remember where we were going or even the exact date ... but I do remember the family that was sitting about 10 rows ahead of us.

It was a young couple with a 2 year old sandwiched in between. The flight attendant had stopped to talk to the family and pinned a shiny pair of wings on the youngster's shirt.

"What a handsome young man!" the flight attended gushed over the little boy. He looked down ... embarrassed by the attention.

The mom chimed in, "Say thank you to the nice lady."

More silence.

"That's okay, " the flight attendant said. "It was my pleasure. Hey ... wanna play a game?"

The little boy looked up, smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

"Okay ... I will try to guess your name in three tries and then you can try to guess mine. Okay?"


"Okay ... here goes ... is it Harold?"


"No? Well maybe ..…

Jewels from Joanne

Joanne is my mother in law.

She has a very strong faith and has great courage in the face of adversity. She also has given birth to seven children that she knows of ... including the twins, Debbie and Dennie. Immaculate conception aside ... Joanne apparently knew more about sex than her children give her credit for ... or not. Certainly, married to Larry, she needed a manual to understand the mechanics (I think even she probably admits that she should have taken a test drive first).

Joanne also has an interesting vocabulary all her own. While she has been in the hospital, she has shared some of her "Jewels" :

1. Cuomo....  No this is not the former mayor of New York. Mario was certainly not in her thoughts when Joanne asked "When do I start the Cuomo treatments?"

2. High Wig... This is an interesting term that is probably a cross between a highbrow and a bigwig. Joanne was referring to some of the influence she felt that my brother in law Mark and I had in the med…

This HAS to be a better year.

Happy 1-1-11!

So glad that 2010 is over. I'm really counting on this year being much better than last. Those of you that have followed my blog know that this was a MOST unhealthy year for yours truly. I travelled to Oz to find a brain, a heart and a bunch of courage. I found all three ... fortunately. We endured months of home repairs ... which have continued ...UNfortunately.

Then ... thinking that I had slipped right past 2010 ... I was reminded that it was not quite over. A few days ago, my mother in law found out that she had cancer. We found her a great doctor, however, and she is getting the best of care. On the way to the hospital, I was turning right in downtown Tampa when a teenaged "phone texter" plowed into my car, crushing my left rear end. Crying hysterically, I found myself comforting HER about the accident. (I cried hysterically soon after I heard the extent of the damages.)

I managed to drive the car to a body shop, got to the hospital that night and head…