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Pass-A-Grille is an interesting little community.

I remember when I first came to St. Pete in the 70s, it was the place I wanted to be. I rented a funky little house a block from the beach right behind Shadrack's (a biker bar that's still there today). Down the street was Hubbard's Pier which is also still there but no longer owned by the Hubbards. The beach community was very laid back and relaxed until sundown when fights broke out just about every night at the bar. 
I was teaching 6th grade at Canterbury School and my friend Karl lived down the street from me in the White Houses (cottages across from the point). Before Karl lived there though he lived on my floor in his sleeping bag. Lots of interesting stories in those early years. 
Karl became the inspiration for my first novel, Home Movies. My protagonist was even named Karl "Buddy" Rosen and taught Kindergarten at a school on Pass-A-Grille Beach. 
In doing research for my book I found out that Pass-A-Gril…

At the Beach


This weekend, Deb and I are staying at our beach condo. It's only been a year since we bought this place on Pass a Grille Beach. We have never spent the night. 
There were good reasons. Debbie changed the lock ... it was a combination code that she cleverly had installed so we didn't need keys. That way when the kids wanted to stay they could use the code. Only problem was ... Deb forgot the code and threw away the instructions which had the identification code (the only way to reprogram it). 
Then there was the bed. We didn't have one for months because we weren't here for the delivery. When we did get one we discovered it was the wrong one ... Well wrong for me. The floor was softer than the mattress. Returning the bed took a long time too. 
Debbie wanted to have everything perfect. Paint, pictures, furniture ... All had to be perfect.

Turns out the condo building is undergoing renovations, new external repairs on the stucco and the structure. Scaffolding i…

Miss You Mom

I thought a lot about my Mom this morning. I reread  and wanted to share this posting that I did last year: 

May 9, 2015
With Mothers' Day here, I've been thinking a lot about my mom.

I wanted to write something sweet and uplifting about her now that she is no longer with me ... but  she would probably just roll her eyes.

You see, sweet and uplifting are not the adjectives that someone who knew her would use. Interesting, funny, a little crazy, smart, competitive, obsessive/compulsive and prickly would be closer to it.

Esther really didn't want kids. This fact she told my brother and I repeatedly. I think the day the house was on fire and she forgot to get me out until she realized that perhaps she was hasty running out alone was a sign of that.

She was born to be rich (we weren't), destined to be famous (she was known in New Orleans as ... well lets skip that part) and spent time in the kitchen only as a visitor (she never cooked a meal ... just made sandwiches and reservat…

What Do YOU Have In Your Wallet?

Yesterday, I spent the morning trying to untangle a mystery surrounding my credit card.

For the past few days I have been trying to figure out why I had been getting messages from my dry cleaners, iTunes and even SunPass telling me that my card wasn't working. 
So I called the dreaded 800 number on the back of the card. 
The automated voice welcomed me asked me to enter the card number and listed 7 options like ... would you like your balance? has your card been stolen? or what's in YOUR wallet? (none of which related to "my card sucks and suddenly doesn't work"). So I pressed 0 for an attendant. 
"Hello, this is Antoine can you give me your card number?"
"Hello Antoine. I entered it when I called "
"Yes sir. This is just to verify who you are."
"The same guy who entered it 5 minutes ago."
"Antoine? Okay ... I'll read you my number."
"Thank you sir. Now what can I do for you?"
"Well. …