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Where In the World Are Debbie and Joel?

It's Big ... it's Easy ... and the food can be Greasy.

That's right ... we headed to the Crescent City right after Thanksgiving dinner with the Gallaghers. And my hometown was loaded with activity ... there were three home games: Saints vs Giants, LSU and Arkansas (well ... Baton Rouge via New Orleans) and the Bayou Classic (Grambling vs Southern).

Despite the massive crowds, we made our way through the city... AND through equally massive plates of food and piles of plastic casino chips.

Speaking of food ... Debbie tried her hand at barbeque shrimp. Not a fan of crawly things with antenna and legs, Debbie bravely peeled the greasy shrimp that were about the size of small Volkswagons.

The weather outside was frightful. 
But the "music" was delightful.

The music from the street bands that gather on every other street corner is not the typical off key/hold your ears stuff you hear in other cities.

Much of it is actually very good.

We spent time on Royal Street looking…

Giving Thanks

This week is Thanksgiving. I did an early list of all the things I'm thankful for (in addition to my wonderful children, my weird father and my beautiful wife). Note: If I didn't start with that I'd be in deep doo doo.

1. My iphone. Yes you may think me shallow to start my list with this, but if you are really honest, it would be at the top of yours. My entire life is in my iphone and when it is not there or not functioning I go into deep depression. If your name is Noreen, you are NOT thankful for your iphone because you don't have one. In fact, your phone doesn't even have the letter "p" and you have to use your husband's phone to text. You can't even write a ransom note .. it would come out like this ... " lease ut $1,000,000 in a aper bag and don't call the olice!" 

2. The $10 slot machine in the High Limit room of Hard Rock closest to the cage. I should say, I'm thankful for that machine this past week because I hit a $7200 …

Sammy in Black and White

These pictures were taken by photographer Beth Reynolds who wrote this about Sammy:

"This is my friend Sam. He lived across the hall from my mom. He used to bring her chocolates and check on her to make sure she got down to play bingo. She valued his friendship every day! I always stop to see him when I'm in town. He makes me smile."

Boys' Night

It was boys' night the hockey game a few nights ago.

I know what you're thinking. Boys' night means trouble, right? Any time the boys get together without their women there must be drinking, fighting, carousing, dirty jokes ... Well, let me clarify something. These boys are in their 50s and 60s.

So you're half right ... drinking and dirty jokes were still alive and well. Fighting and carousing were a fleeting memory.

Irreverence was carefully inserted into every conversation.

One of the boys told the story about a fishing trip with a friend who brought two women from Kansas who were not used to being on the open water in relatively rough seas. What followed were the graphic details about sea sickness and uncontrolled bowel movements.

We spend alot of time talking about bathroom stuff. That's probably because at our age, that's where we spend the majority of our time ... and it's also pretty damned funny stuff.

Illness is another great topic ...

"Hey ..…

Say What???

Had enough news this week?

Penn State and the horrific child abuse claims, Herman Cain and the horrific claims of sexual abuse, Rick Perry and the horrific ... um ... ummmm ... I can't remember this third thing.

Well ... just when you have seen it "all" ... here are more news clips from around the world:

Did the Chattanooga Choo Choo Have this Problem?  Apparently, officials at the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport felt the need for professional guidance on rebranding their facility to (as one put it) "carry it into the modern era," and so hired the creative talents of Big Communications of Birmingham, Ala., to help. Big's suggested name for the airport, announced to great fanfare in September: "Chattanooga Airport." [Times Free Press (Chattanooga), 9-27-2011]

Picky Sticky  Elsie Pawlow, a senior citizen of Edmonton, Alberta, filed a $100,000 lawsuit in September against Kraft Canada Inc., parent company of the makers of Stride Gum, which brags that it…

How Can That Little Disc Make That Much Noise?

Think of a sound that drives you crazy.

Now, multiply it by 100,000 and it repeats every 10 seconds ... Know what you have?

Answer: A smoke detector with a faulty battery.

Coincidentally, that's what we had ... on Halloween night. Actually, we had at least two. It sounded like Angry Birds were unleashed in the bedroom ceiling.

It happened at about 11PM.

Debbie and I were just heading to bed. Trick or Treaters had finally stopped ringing the doorbell (The little guys go home at 7 ... the teenagers at 9 ... the druggies still hang out till 11). We dragged ourselves to the bedroom when ...


"Oh crap", I said.

"I'll get the batteries," Debbie calmly replied as I dragged the ladder out of the garage and slammed my knee in the process. I muttered more obscenities.

"You know, Joel ... you always curse when you have to fix something in the house."

"Excuse me? I do not." Hobbling, I put the ladder under the first beeping smoke d…