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Let's Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving was spent at Debbie's twin sister Dennie's house with most of the family there.

Since the Gallagher clan has more than (what seems like) 500 sons, daughters, grandkids, great grandkids and dogs ... there were only about 20 in attendance. Actually it was exactly 20 ... I know that for a fact based on Dennie's precise plate count (which I will tell you about later in this writing).

The morning started out with a trip to Menorah Manor to pick up Sam. He was dressed and ready ... although he somehow thought we were coming at 4 instead of 2:30 ... and he was wearing his favorite Haband slacks and purple shirt. His Habands were ordered from a catalogue that we know well, because we hear the story repeatedly about how he opened an account, got confused on the "discount", stopped his account, ordered more and opened another account, got upset and cancelled that one as well.

Sammy was pretty chatty on the way to Dennie's house. His big topic of discussion …

The Port-o-let Stays!

Here's a new construction update:

1. New Living Room Table ... actually I should say table(s) because Debbie found the perfect pair of matching living room tables. We now eat here, use our computers here and watch the dust and smell the paint from here. I bet you thought they were TV trays. Me too!

2. The New Piano Cover ... This is pretty neat because I had no idea that you could actually drape a piano in plastic and then put a drop cloth on top of that. It really protects it well ... I think the last time I played it was in 2009 just before the fourth or fifth home makeover.

3. New office/great room/dining room/ library.... I'm not sure what to call this room because it's not quite finished and Debbie has changed her mind quite a bit with bookshelves or a desk or comfy chairs or tv sets ... but whatever it is ... I hope we keep the neat painter's platform and roller extension. I'll tell you what ... not many homes have that inside.

4. Pool and patio .... This is the…

That's Life!

Do Over: My First Real Job

First published 10/4/09
Atlanta seemed like a good place to find a job.
So when I graduated with my Graphic Design degree, I followed my instincts. I moved in with and mooched off my ex-roommate Jeff and his wife Sheryl, hit the streets of Atlanta with my portfolio and waited to be discovered by all the top agencies in town. Why wouldn't they want me? I looked the part ... my hair was much longer and I had a moustache. My portfolio contained examples of nude studies, watercolors, silk screened logos and cartoons.
My only real concern was whether I would accept a $100,000 a year as a starting salary. I knew I would have to negotiate.
Surprisingly, I wasn't courted by the top agencies. Can you believe it? In fact, I didn't even get in the door to most of them. When I did get appointments, they were with administrative assistants, file clerks and once I think I met with someone in maintenance.
I lowered my expectations after a month.
Jeff and Sheryl were about ready for me to move …

Reality Spin-Offs

After my missive on Dancing With the Stars ... I decided it was time for me to come up with a positive spin on reality shows and competitions that have some REAL meaning. I came up with a few ideas:

The Apprentice Role Reversal

The tables are turned on Donny Trump as HE competes with other famous bosses like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson in a series of apprentice like scenarios. The two teams go back to college and try to get through a statistics class, they are given jobs cleaning hotel rooms in time for new guests to arrive and they have to figure out among themselves how to give something valuable to a homeless family.

The boardroom will be presided over by an apprentice who will berate Trump for his ignorance in statistics, lack of energy in cleaning a room and given counseling on how to have compassion for others.

By the way ... He will probably be FIRED.

Survivor ... The Teen Edition
A dozen teens are dropped in an urban setting to fend for themselves without the help of any elect…

Dancing With the Stars ... Really?

One of the dumbest TV shows on the air is "Dancing With the Stars".

Yes I said it ... and certainly I have deeply offended some of you. I also realize that I might have lost half of my readers with that comment. The other half will leave me when I tell you that the second dumbest was "American Idol" (but I’ll save that for another day).

To be fair, I could only watch about an hour of each. I made it through the last few minutes by pretending that I was watching "Saturday Night Live".

I mean ... Really? A bunch of wannabe/ used-to-be/never-were celebrities trying to compete by doing tangos in tights .... Really? Whiny judges who berate fat people for not being light on their feet ... Really? Were they ever light on their feet? I should say … Were they ever NOT light on their feet?

I have to say that the creators of the show did a heck of a job making this one of the most watched programs in history (I just made that up … but it’s probably true.) The populari…

Happy Monday

Some TRULY Demotivational Posters

love this

see me .... feel me ...
Mini Me is right behind him

enough said

sure laugh .... you KNOW we've all been there.
Okay ... your turn .... add your own captions.

DO OVER: Fresh Meat

Watching the LSU/ Alabama game this afternoon made me a little nostalgic for my college days. I decided to reprint an earlier post that hopefully will put a smile on your face.

Fresh Meat (9/10/09)

One day you're on top of the world. And the next, the world's on top of you.

Senior year of high school was my coming out party. I had finally made it to the rank of cool and accepted. My skin had cleared up (kinda), I could speak a whole sentence without putting my head down and I learned how to spit water between my front teeth. The latter was clearly the most important.

Just when I thought I made it, I began my freshman year at Louisiana State University and slid from hot shot to not-shot.

Freshman hazing was still a ritual at LSU when I was admitted (just my luck ... it was outlawed the very next year). This was the practice of making all freshman feel as though they are the lowest form of life. Apparently it was started in the 1920's by upperclassmen who figured out if the fresh…