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Little Treasures

Today ... I happened across the demolition of my former "home", All Children's Hospital.

It's the place I worked for over thirty years. The images ran through my mind as I watched Sonny Glasbrenner tear out the walls of the old Emergency Center.

So many memories.

There's a brand new All Children's Hospital down the street. It stands proud and majestic ... overlooking the medical complex that surrounds it.

But it's not this building.

This building has heart and soul. Always did. Just ask the hundreds of thousands who passed through the doors. I still see the faces of the children, the families, the staff  ... the courage, the tears ... and the miracles.

I remember Doug ... a cystic fibrosis patient who lived much longer than he was supposed to. CF is one of those terminal diseases in children that destroys the lungs. Most might live into their teens but Doug beat the odds ... living into his twenties. He was determined to get his way ... his way was to go …

Do Over ... I Love New York

Today is Do Over Sunday ... mainly because I'm lazy. It's one of my favorite blog entries and my daughter Alissa has just moved to New York ... bedbugs and all.

I Love New York
(first published 3/10/10)

Yes I do ... I love New York ... I especially love listening to the locals.
Even the guys with the handmade signs for those Comedy shows on Times Square crack me up (I'm an easy audience). One guy has a sign that reads "I'm Holding a Sign" while another whispers in your ear "Hey .... wanna see a marginally funny comedy show?"
Last night night we were waiting for a table at Bobby Van's (great steakhouse, btw) and at the bar were four guys who were having a "mine's bigger than yours" night. They were feeling no pain ...
#1 ... "Hey man ... that's bulls*t. There's no f*in' way that would happen." #2 ... "You don't know s*t ..." #3 ... &…

Kick It To the CURB

Curb is back for the 8th Season.

If you haven't ever watched the Larry David HBO series, Curb Your Enthusiasm ... I can only say that you have been missing the best TV Comedy series ever written (except for Seinfeld ... which of course was also written by Larry David). 
In honor of Curb's return, I took a look back at ... what I consider ... some of the funniest moments. Curb fans ... tell me yours.

1. Mary, Joseph and Larry
(Season 3, Episode 9)
Irreverent in every sense of the word, this one finds Larry feeling extra-Jewish when his Gentile wife, Cheryl invites her family home for the holidays and turns it into an unabashed celebration of Christmas, with extra helpings of Jesus. Larry is offended, they're offended that he's offended, he's offended the they're offended that he's offended... in other words, it's perfect "Curb" material. This episode has some of the show's most expressive close-ups of Larry biting his tongue during uncomfortable…


I find that ... especially, these days ... sleep is one of those unplanned joys of life. That's why I am writing this blog at 4 AM (after thinking about life, death and taxes for the last 3 hours).

Don't get me wrong. I get lots of sleep .... when I go out to dinner with my wife, in the middle of a very important meeting and sometimes on my commute to St. Pete from Tampa. But ... those are really power naps. Solid hours of sleep can easily come from watching a movie, sitting in front of the TV or attending any of the three dozen variations of Cirque du Soleil.

I remember a trip we took with the brothers-in-law to Vegas (of course). We were told (by the sisters) that we had tickets to see a Cirque performance at one of the hotels. It had something to do with water or clowns or a moving floor or little Japanese acrobats ... God only knows ... all I know is that I was the first one snoring.

Somewhere in the first act, the lights came up ... Debbie poked me in the ribs and I sat up…

Of Mice and Bunnies

Hugh Hefner has been in the news alot lately.

His fiancee broke up with him in June ... she apparently found out that there was a 271 year age difference between the two of them. Then earlier this month, there was a social media rumor that Hef was dead.

"Not so ... Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated," He said as he lay next to his new girlfriend who will finally get her braces off next week.

I go way back with Hef ... not that I ever met him ... But he DID have a big effect on my career when I first started working at All Children's Hospital as the PR Coordinator.

I got a phone call from the hospital president asking me why a Playboy Bunny was coming to visit the hospital. There was an article in the Times that she was coming to visit the kids, hand out magazines and sign her autograph across her centerfold picture. It was part of a promotion for a fundraiser that one of the local restaurants was doing for the hospital.

"It must be a mistake, " I …

Not Again!

Spent a few hours in the Atlanta airport on Sunday.

It was the second leg of my flight back from Vegas. (I won't bore you with another Vegas story ... I'll just bore you with my travel woes). This time I got a full paid grown up ticket on Delta so I wouldn't be delayed.


As I settled into a seat at the gate, I plugged in my adapter for my now-dead iphone. Fortunately, there are now electric outlets at the airport that sit above the seats. Trouble is ... for you iphone users ... those damned wires are only about 12 inches long. That means if you aren't sitting directly below an outlet you have to drape across the guy who is sitting next to you holding your iphone on your finger tips and talking into the speaker for all to hear.

As I juggled the phone, a voice came over the loudspeaker:

"Passengers awaiting Flight 1678 to Sarasota (I had to fly out of Sarasota because the flights were all filled out of Tampa), I regret to inform you that we are delayed awaiting o…