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Missed a Spot

When Deb and I drove back from Savannah last week, I thought about getting a massage to help relieve my aches and pains from driving 12 hours.

It had been a while, but I remembered that last time I got a massage I prepaid for two more (I'm a sucker for those "specials" that I never use). It had been so long ago that I didn't even remember where the place was … but to my surprise, I still had that tattered card in my wallet.

I called and asked if I could swing by …

"We have one more appointment open," the girl on the other end said.
"That's great," I said reading a name on the card, "There was a girl last time named Carol. Is she available?"
"Well … we are working the rotating schedule this afternoon."
"So who do I have?"
"I really don't know."

That was apparently all the information I was going to get. I suppose I was lucky to get the one appointment. I just hope I didn't get a guy named Rocco.

Amazing Grace

Grace Quinlan Cohen was born early Thursday morning.

Right now, her temporary home is in an isolette in the NICU at Memorial Hospital in Savannah. It's only temporary because she is all clear. Breathing is normal and all her vitals are good. She is just kicking back here for the weekend.

She was not quite ready to make an appearance at first. Her mom was 2 cm dilated when she went to the hospital and started contractions. Grace was almost 9 pounds ... Nikki is only 5 feet tall and not even 100 pounds.

We drove to Savannah as soon as we got the call.

The trip is one that typically takes about 6 hours when the traffic is light and the weather is good. Well ... no such luck.
The traffic was stalled outside of Tampa. One car had crashed and stalled traffic for miles.

Then the rains came.

But we got to the hospital in plenty of time to see Nikki before she was given the epidural which speeded up her delivery at 1 in the morning.

Steven had us follow him to the house where we saw ba…

Rays Beat Mets

Rays took the series today. They beat The Mets 4-3. This is the second loss in a row for the NL leaders. It was capped by a homer smash by rookie Richie Shaffer.

Chris Archer struck out 10 batters in six innings. That meant that everyone at the stadium got free 6 inch subs from Subway.

And it was Mascot Day at the stadium so every furry, matted looking creature from marlins to horses and  ... Raymond ... was there.

All in all  ... a great day.

Comic Con, Alissa. Nate, Josh, Jim Halpert and Rain

Lots of rain and lots of traffic this weekend in downtown Tampa.

The Comic-Con convention/ show/ meeting/ whatever the heck that thing is was in town at the Convention center. All kinds of costumed super heroes were there ... Ant Man, Superman, Superwoman, Batman, Garbageman, Deliveryman ... all shapes and sizes. I don't really understand why people dress up ... Just a guess: It seems to me like there are a bunch of people who want to pretend they don't work for Best Buy or Radio Shack for a day or two and spend a ridiculous amount of money playing dress up.

By the way ... right down the street, Alissa and Nate arrived in Tampa this weekend as well.

Saturday morning, they set up temporary housing in our apartment on Harbor Isle. They took the Auto Train from DC, which stopped in Orlando and drove home from there.

They decided not to visit Comic Con and instead unpacked the car and took a well deserved nap.

We helped them get settled and then went home and also settled in whil…