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Breaking Bad is Freaking Awesome

Translation for others my age: Breaking Bad is an excellent series that outshines everything aired on TV lately.

I know you've heard it from me before. I fall in love with a series and I babble about it being the best or the greatest thing ever ... but truly ... the writing and the incredible detail to structure is amazing.

Admittedly, I am a huge Bryan Cranston fan. I had the good fortune of meeting and spending time with him about 15 years ago. He was in St. Pete to play in our Major League Alumni baseball game for All Children's Hospital. I've written about this event in the past ... it was a great weekend hosted by Major League Alumni Association and ACH featuring ex big leaguers and celebs in a big baseball game and weekend event. Brian wanted to visit the kids at ACH so I picked him up at his hotel and took him through the hospital and answered questions he had about the event itself.

He is a very smart guy.

You just have to spend a few minutes with him and it's…

Heart Boy (The artist formerly known as Brain Boy) Takes a First Stroll Downtown

What a beautiful day.

Sun is shining, there's a breeze (well ... it's not 102˚) and best part ... I'm still kicking! So, Deb and I took a walk downtown and tried the menu at The Birchwood. It's the newest and trendiest Beach Drive Hotel/restaurant/rooftop bar in St Pete.

It's about a two mile walk from the house and I felt fine. The ticker was fine, and for my first real outing (other than 4 innings of the Rays game last night) I felt like a new man ... Maybe the six million dollar man complete with new parts installed and others rehabbed. Six million is a stretch ... the dollar ninety five man is probably a better description.

Th Birchwood has a unique outside eating area. Unique because there are large air handlers cooling off the customers ... a real step up from the spritzer fans that other eateries blow at you.

And the menu is superb.  

Debbie had a sweet potato quiche with three different cheeses.

I had a soft shell crab benedict ... poached eggs with hollan…

Brain Boy: Tin Man meets the Scarecrow: Back to Oz

Knew it was too good to be true.

Just getting ready for our annual Guy's Trip to North Carolina when .... you guessed it ... I got a one way ticket back to TGH. You're probably as sick about hearing about my medical issues as I am telling them.

It was a FOURPEAT.

It started as a heart checkup. I was thinking that the feelings of discomfort I was having in my chest were unrelated to my brain recovery or the shunt ... but I get the ticker checked all the time. Yesterday, I got another stress test and the cardiologist said ... just to be safe, let's get you in the Cath Lab.  As soon as I got there my heart told me it was the right place to be. It screamed at me in arrythmatic tones.

Here's where it got crazy ... and humorous too, although I wasn't laughing at the time.

Three nurses surrounded me at once and here is the conversation:

Nurse 1: "What is your date of birth?"

Me: March the fir ..."

Nurse 2: "What pills do you take at night?"

Me: &qu…

Forgive Me

Today is Yom Kippur. For those who are not members of one of the "tribes", on this day Jews around the world pray for forgiveness of their sins. We save them up all year for one big ask ... unlike Debbie and her weekly confessions. We have no time for the weekly sins ... Sundays are reserved for Chinese take-out.

Sam and I prayed for forgiveness together. I think Sammy reverses the process ... he forgives God for not helping him with his cell phone problems or not punishing the nursing home laundry for washing his sport coats and shrinking them so that they are unwearable. (He told everyone that passed by today about this last "blessing")

"Hi Sam ... I'm praying for your good health today."

"Did I tell you about how the laundry screwed up my sport coats? That's why I'm not wearing one today."

He asked me (loudly) to buy him a sport coat during services. I leaned close to his right ear and said:

"I will Dad ... let's talk about…

Brain Boy:Images of the Working Man

This was my first (kinda part time) week back at work.

I start at 10 AM. The women in my life keep me on a tight leash and a tough schedule. My assistant tells me that she is afraid of my wife while my wife tells me she is afraid of my assistant.

I'm not sure who I am more afraid of ... but the assistant has a strong lead.

This is how I look first thing in the morning getting ready to start my day.

This is me after about a half hour of a meeting to solve an easy office problem.

This is me at about 10:45.

Next week I might make it until 11!!!

Brain Boy: Back to Work

Monday ... I go back to the real world.

That's right. I go to work and leave the comfort of the man cave and cut the apron strings (although I still can't see straight so Debbie might help out by driving me to places I can't get to if I beg).

Know what I won't miss the most? DAYTIME TV.

Here are my top five shows:

1. Live! with Kelly and Michael. That's Kelly Ripa ... the chick that used to make sure Regis was still breathing. Now she co hosts with Michael Strahan ...  Seriously  ... The gap toothed former NY Giants Defensive Player of the century, who has Super Bowl rings, multiple pro bowl appearances and is a future future Hall of Famer. He's 6 foot 5 and she's 3 feet tall. He giggles and dances and throws her up in the air and is the most embarrassing former football player I ever saw on TV (well .... there's the Dancing with the Stars group too). It's my number one pick because I watched only one segment but made it all the way until Michael…