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Three Strikes and you are ... SAFE (kinda)

Just back from Madison, Wisconsin and a close game between USF and Wisconsin (at least in the first half before the referees took over).

We almost didn't make it to the game.

Srike one: We started out by heading to Milwaukee on Friday. Yes, that was the day that an arsonist burned down the tower at Midway in Chicago. Fortunately we were on a chartered plane and were able to take a creative air route around Green Bay and got into Milwaukee a few hours later.

After a tour of the Children's Hospital (one of the other purposes of our trip), we boarded our plane and headed to Madison for dinner.

Strike two: Because we were two hours late, we pushed back our dinner reservations. The restaurant almost didn't accept the change because they had a couple of other big parties that they had to serve and were worried that they couldn't serve us fast enough. We also found out that the entire staff that was planning our tailgate for 200 boosters and alumni were not able to make it out…

Sammy: Happy New Year

Sam was sitting in his favorite spot at Menorah Manor ... getting ready for Rosh Hashanah services to start.

There was a high pitched squeal in the room. As I sat down next to him, I realized that the squeal was coming from his lap. His hearing aid was wrapped in something latex.

I didn't even want to ask.

"Joel ... put this in my ear." Sammy said loudly.

"Maybe I should get someone for this." I answered.

"You what? Want something to drink?"

"No ... just a second."

"Shhhhhh!" That came from his friend next to him.

"Oh you shut up." He snarled at her.

"You are so loud Sam."

"What is she complaining about Joel?"

Fortunately, his nurse came up to him at that minute and put his hearing aid in.

His friend Iris walked quickly in my direction. "Oh good. You finally came to visit."

"Um ... finally, Iris?"

"He needs you here Joel."

Sammy looked up at me and said. "I never rea…

Renovation Virus

Renovating a closet is apparently a bigger job than I thought.

It's a virus and it infects every room that it touches. In the case of our closets ... the bedroom was immediately infected as was the master bathroom.

When Debbie discovered the infection, she got busy.

The carpeting was removed, the walls were repainted and wallpapered ... even the sub flooring was ripped out and redone. The pictures were removed, the fixtures changed and ALL the furniture had to be replaced.

The bathroom was also torn apart.

The tile was removed, the shower was completely redone floor to ceiling and the fixtures must have been infected too because they were also replaced.

Wow ... I'm sure glad that Debbie knew how to recognize renovation virus.

She was able to save her clothes from infection. She removed them from the old closet just in time and put them in the second bedroom ... and the third bedroom ... and the living room ... and the hallway ... and my office ...

It's still not finished …

A Good Month

Gotta tell you ... the last few weeks have been inspirational ones for me.

USF had three events recently that made me proud to not only work for the university but also to be in the company of folks that have done incredible things with their lives.

Marcos Gonzalez spoke to State University System Board of Governors members, legislators and special guests at an event spotlighting student success last week.

Gonzalez has worked in the tomato fields since he could carry a 30-pound bucket on his shoulders, spending nearly every weekend and evening alongside his father, a migrant worker in Immokalee, Florida. His father taught him that education was the best preparation for a different life.

Gonzalez had no idea what it took to get into college or even what college was about but he knew if he studied hard, got involved in sports and clubs, and enrolled in college courses while still in high school he might have a chance.

It paid off.

USF accepted him when he graduated. He is the first pers…