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A Few Days in DC

Had a meeting in Washington, DC last week.

On the flight over,  I was so excited that ... even though it was a full flight ... I had an empty middle seat right next to me. The door was locked and the flight instructions were started. No 600 pound passengers left without a seat. My seat mate who sat by the window and I gloated a little because all the other seats were filled.

I spoke too soon.

Two 6 year old kids were shepherded to our row by the flight attendant. One of them held an animal carrier with the name "Stella" written on tape stuck to the lid.

(Please God ... please don't give me the animal kid). "Here you go there's an empty seat." She helped the skinny kid squeeze into the middle seat.  "... and your animal can sit right by your feet". (DAMN!)

Stella could be a cat or a mouse or a snake or a scorpion.  Who knows? This kid was the antsiest kid I've ever seen. He could not sit still in his seat and kept picking up that stupid carrie…

Trump Makes A Startling Announcement

New York, July19 ---- Donald Trump made a startling announcement today. Rarely does a candidate choose a running mate so early in a campaign but Trump decided to "Trump" the others by announcing his running mate.

"I have carefully thought this out," Trump told an audience of 3000 gathered outside of the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Manhattan."And I've decided that the best candidate for the next Vice President of the United States is ... MY HAIR."

Trump went on to say that the reasons he picked his hair were because it has been with him through thick and thin, it has weathered every storm along side of him ... never changing its position (unlike Trump) and even though it has been criticized much more than anything that Trump has been connected with it has maintained a stiff resolve.

John McCain tweeted during the press conference "Looking at Trump's hair was far worse than any torture I endured as a prisoner of war #goldilocks" ... to which T…

Sam and Esther's Final Trip Home

This past weekend "family" trip to New Orleans was a far different one than any before. Brought my mom and dad home for the last time. Esther died five years ago and Sammy died just a few months ago.

This would be the "Sam and Esther Final Trip Tour". We picked out their favorite places for the final visits with Sammy (in blue) and Esther (in white).

The first picture was actually taken on the final leg of the trip. They are sitting on the levee steps at the Lakefront, one of the most prestigious areas to live in New Orleans. They couldn't afford to live there when they were alive. Now they can hang out here forever.

But I'm getting way ahead of myself. Let's start with the first stop. Le Madeleine's is a little restaurant that was one of their favorite places to eat breakfast and lunch. We set them at the table with coffee and quiche. One of the wait staff came over to the table and asked about the urns.

"My mom and dad loved this place,"…

Atlantic City ... Yo .. Happy Fort of Jooly!

We flew on Spirit Airlines to Atlantic City on Friday for the holidays.

Have you ever flown Spirit? Don't bother ... you haven't missed anything. Spirit prides itself on having the cheapest fares. Maybe they do if you don't count the fact that you pay for checking your bag, more if you carry your bag, and you pay for coke, snacks, peanuts and even water.

The only thing you don't have to pay for is the song that one of the flight attendants sang for the flight instructions. I would have paid just to shut him up. (There was also a 15 minute ad that he did for Master Card during the landing. Arrrggghhh!)

Oh well ... landed at the airport and went to Harrahs, where our room awaited. The casinos in AC are scattered in two sections of town. In our section of town, Harrahs was across the street from Golden Nugget and a block away from The Borgata ... the upscale casino hotel. Even though they are next to each other you still have to take a taxi across the interstate.