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It's A BOY

This is a picture of my new GRANDSON!

He's in there ... I know because Nikki sent me proof. The pressure is on now. For her? No ... all she has to do is throw up for a few months, carry around about 20 extra pounds(I've done much more for years) and then ... what ... birth the baby and name him and raise him?

Piece of cake.

I have the hard job. I have to figure out what I want to be called. Now THAT is stressful. Should I be Papa (like Bob)? Grampy (like Sam)? Paw (like Brother in law Tom)?

Maybe I'll try a different name out every month while the kid is too little to know the difference: Hmmm ... maybe Kingfish (Mikey calls me that) ... or Mardi Gras Mom-bo (nickname from high school) ... or Jo-EL (Keli's fav) ... or Mumboig(Coach Reeechahd called me that) ...  

You have any ideas of cool grandfather names ... I'd love to know what your favs are. SEND THEM.

Nikki told me not to stress over this. As it turns out ... The baby decides. Can you believe that? He wil…


Just got back from the Rays/Yankees game. Rays won 3-0 ... it was one we really needed.

Love it.

Ahhh ... baseball ... the sound of the crowds, the smell of beer and hot dogs, the youngsters clamoring for a chance to catch a baseball between innings, old guys with jerseys, young girls with "pieces of" jerseys and the vendors ... The VENDORS singing ... "ICE CREAM ... CAHHHHVELLL ICE CREAM"  ... or ...
"DEHYDRATION ... JUST SAY NO" ... or ...


But the times they are achangin'. The newest vendors are selling WINE. Yes that's right ... now you can get wine in a plastic wine glass with a cover. Vendors are still learning how to sell it (and pronounce it):


And who doesn't just love the Pepsi race.

Will Pepsi win? Sierra Mist? Diet Pepsi? The tension, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the cheerleaders jumping around, Raymond inter…

Lookin GOOD Sister

This is my sister in law Kelli.

She loves to be mentioned in my blog so I thought I'd give her space today. Remember Kelli? She's the one who still thinks Easter bunnies come from eggs ... and Jewish people speak yittan ... and is still into heavy competition party games like scoop the M&Ms into a bowl with your teeth and a spoon (someone else always counts the total M&Ms).

Well .. we are very proud of sister Kelli.

Last week, Kelli and the other founders of a special organization, LiFT Academy were honored as Community Heroes by the Tampa Bay Lightning .. which came with a check for $50,000. LiFT is a school for special needs children run by teachers who have forfeited salaries to make sure that their children have the best education at the highest standards.

Congrats Sis ... take another bite ... you deserve it.

Try this on for size

Went shopping today for a suit.

Debbie went with me. She doesn't trust me to shop by myself because :

1. I hate to shop.

2. I hate salespeople who hover so I tell them to go away and wind up not finding anything myself.

3. She wants to see it first because she says I have no taste.

I'm a terrible shopper. Plus ...I've put on weight. And I refuse to think that I wear anything larger than 32 slim. (last time I was 32 slim, was after Kennedy got shot). But ... I knew it was time. Debbie comments every day about the holes in my pants and my shoes. I think it makes her angrier that I wear them until the holes are large enough that you can just about see my butt. Staples and clips will only do so much.

So off we go to Jos. Banks.

Our shopping trip started off on the wrong foot when ... as I put a hand on a suit ... the salesman swooped in and said, "Need help finding a size?"

"No thanks this is what I wanted ..."

"Let me help you." He grabbed it ou…

All Thumbs

Thinking about Roger Ebert this morning.

His death this week ended an era that I don't think we will see again ... The film critic as a true personality who had well thought out comments (my apologies to the other critics out there) and one you really paid attention to. Siskel left a hole and Ebert left a void. Movie critiques these days seem to only show up on Fandango or Flixter as: "56% of critics liked it".

I've always been a real movie buff. Deb and I try to see a movie a week at the theaters ... although lately it's more like a move every couple of months.

I take it for granted that everyone loves the movies ... sometimes I assume when I shouldn't.

This was evident the other day at The Outstanding Employee Awards program at USF in our beautiful new concert facility. The Senior Vice Presidents took turns behind the podium to present awards to their staffs. Everything was carefully scripted and no one veered off course (until it was my turn). The sound g…