Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lookin GOOD Sister

This is my sister in law Kelli.

She loves to be mentioned in my blog so I thought I'd give her space today. Remember Kelli? She's the one who still thinks Easter bunnies come from eggs ... and Jewish people speak yittan ... and is still into heavy competition party games like scoop the M&Ms into a bowl with your teeth and a spoon (someone else always counts the total M&Ms).

Well .. we are very proud of sister Kelli.

Last week, Kelli and the other founders of a special organization, LiFT Academy were honored as Community Heroes by the Tampa Bay Lightning .. which came with a check for $50,000. LiFT is a school for special needs children run by teachers who have forfeited salaries to make sure that their children have the best education at the highest standards.

Congrats Sis ... take another bite ... you deserve it.   

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