Saturday, April 6, 2013

All Thumbs

Thinking about Roger Ebert this morning.

His death this week ended an era that I don't think we will see again ... The film critic as a true personality who had well thought out comments (my apologies to the other critics out there) and one you really paid attention to. Siskel left a hole and Ebert left a void. Movie critiques these days seem to only show up on Fandango or Flixter as: "56% of critics liked it".

I've always been a real movie buff. Deb and I try to see a movie a week at the theaters ... although lately it's more like a move every couple of months.

I take it for granted that everyone loves the movies ... sometimes I assume when I shouldn't.

This was evident the other day at The Outstanding Employee Awards program at USF in our beautiful new concert facility. The Senior Vice Presidents took turns behind the podium to present awards to their staffs. Everything was carefully scripted and no one veered off course (until it was my turn). The sound guy apparently thought it would be cool to turn on the rear speakers (which must have had a delay) causing there to be a bad echo ... as if you were in a stadium.

I joked with the CFO about the echo and told him I might crack on the sound guy (in fun) when I got up there. He laughed and encouraged me to do it ... but then again, I think he likes when I make a fool of myself, too.

When it was my turn I looked at the audience and said ... "Standing here this afternoon ... hearing my voice echo back to me makes me feel like I'm in that Lou Gehrig movie, remember?"

No one laughed

"You know where Lou Gehrig gave his speech at Yankee Stadium ..."

Still nothing.

"TODAY, today, today I feel like the LUCKIEST, luckiest, luckiest ..."

Three people chuckled.

"Hmmm ... I must have lost everyone older than 50 out there."

Two more chuckles.

It was then I had a vision of Roger Ebert giving me a BIG thumbs down.

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