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Feeling Blessed

Sitting here watching Macy's Day Parade ... (Are they still in business? Thought they were closing stores. No matter ... they put on a kickass parade.)

Thinking about when we visited New York for this. Once with the kids when they were little ... What a great time! And once with Deb when it was so cold we watched it through the window and on TV.

Feeling so blessed! Happy Thanksgiving to friends and family!!!

The Burg Revisited

What a day!

Spent the morning walking on Central Avenue in downtown St. Pete. It has changed so much over the years. When I first moved here I remember coming downtown. There were maybe a dozen Beach Drive merchants, a couple of old hotels, a few diners, The Vinoy was in total disrepair with broken windows, Webb City and the neighborhood were blighted. The Pier was the coolest thing in town and it was old in the 70s.

Today i walked past the new shops and an arts and crafts show going on. Just wanted to post some pictures so you could appreciate the new coolness of our city:

Apparently Plymouth Rockshow, Helmet and Mook Boy draw big crowds at the State Theater these days,.

I am sooo old.

Wait is that where you buy an enchanted notion or just visit with Chrissy and she shares hers?

Love the name of this shop ... The Trunk.

Works on your curiosity right? Don't you just want to go in and rummage through luggage?
St Pete Shirt Company ...  pretty straight forward.

Another day in parad…

Keep an Eye Out For Me

I was supposed to be in Memphis today ... listening to blues, chewing on a rib or two and watching the USF Bulls play football at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium.

But as (my) luck would have it, I had to undergo an emergency procedure on my left eye .. a retinal tear. It's an injury you hear about with athletes when a baseball hits them in the eye or a concussion related football injury. Mine was probably from sneezing.

For those of you keeping score, this was my 357th procedure in five years. Okay, I know I tend to exaggerate ... really more like 356th.  But at least I didn't have to go to TGH this time. I went to the Eye Institute on USF campus and saw three different ophthalmologists who all agreed that I would have to have the procedure done that day.

I was a little nervous. I am not a fan of anything touching my eye ... even tried contacts one time and was so bad at it that the optometrist fired me from her store. But the ophthalmologist (who was all of four feet tall)…