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Birthday weekend for Papa

Birthday weekend at Universal with the kids!
Unfortunately they advertised it in 11 different sizes. Even little Wyatt wore Happy Birthday Old Man.
Nikki and Steven and Cole and Grace came in a day early so we spent the day with them at Animal Kingdom on Friday. The place is very cool. One note of interest: Dede took Grace to see the hippo asleep on the bottom of the big tank, Every so often he would raise his head above the water and then sink back down.
Dede felt certain that the hippo was one of those robotic creatures Disney uses in their parks. She insisted the hippo was fake even though we all told her that this was REAL animal kingdom ... not FAKE animal kingdom. 
She finally approached one of the staff in the gorilla exhibit and asked the question. "Is the hippo in the tank real?" "Interesting question. Although some of the creatures are not real in Disney parks, the hippo is real." "OH ..." "But I have a question for you. Do you know what k…