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Tough Love

Started working out again yesterday.

It's been a while ... so I wanted to take it slow. Don't be fooled by this 3 ounce weight that I am carefully lifting over my head. There's method to my madness.

First of all, I know that my muscles need time to re acclimate to this new strenuous regime. I can only lift this weight three times without getting winded.

Secondly, I didn't want to intimidate the legions of bodybuilders that were all around me (clearly, I can still bench press 500 pounds if I wanted to but why bother today. It's not worth having all these guys who spend most of the time here looking at themselves in the mirror get so upset).

Third, this was the only free weight left on the rack.

What do you do after an intense workout?

Right ... you head for the beach to show off your brand new body.

That's exactly what I did. Debbie had a full day of showing houses so I strolled the Pass-a-Grille sands from the condo to The Don Cesar. What a day, the beach was …

Not Quite Brady Bunch Mother's Day

With Mothers' Day here, I've been thinking a lot about my mom.

I wanted to write something sweet and uplifting about her now that she is no longer with me ... but  she would probably just roll her eyes.

You see, sweet and uplifting are not the adjectives that someone who knew her would use. Interesting, funny, a little crazy, smart, competitive, obsessive/compulsive and prickly would be closer to it.

Esther really didn't want kids. This fact she told my brother and I repeatedly. I think the day the house was on fire and she forgot to get me out until she realized that perhaps she was hasty running out alone was a sign of that.

She was born to be rich (we weren't), destined to be famous (she was known in New Orleans as ... well lets skip that part) and spent time in the kitchen only as a visitor (she never cooked a meal ... just made sandwiches and reservations).

She was freakishly smart. She graduated from Newcomb College (Tulane's woman's college at the time…

They're at the POST (party, that is)

So Saturday night, Deb and I went to sister Keli's Derby Party for Lift Academy, the school that Keli co founded for children who have learning disorders and neuro spectrum disorders.

Great party ... the big screen was up in the Coliseum to watch the race as everyone ate, drank bourbon and mint juleps and bid on silent auction items.

We wore our dapper Kentucky finest. I even wore Lee's hat for a picture with Deb. She had a bumble bee on hers. Appropriate because I think she got a little buzzed that night
I gave it back so that the sisters could all pose together.

It was close to 11PM when Deb and I drove home. We got into our comfortable pajamas and turned on the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.

Just as I settled in, the phone rang.

Brother in law Mark (still at the party): "Joel ... are you gonna watch the fight?"

Me: "Yeah."

Mark: "Can we come over?"

Me: "Um ... sure."

Okay, I thought, Mark and Keli coming over. No biggie. We can just kick…