Monday, May 4, 2015

They're at the POST (party, that is)

So Saturday night, Deb and I went to sister Keli's Derby Party for Lift Academy, the school that Keli co founded for children who have learning disorders and neuro spectrum disorders.

Great party ... the big screen was up in the Coliseum to watch the race as everyone ate, drank bourbon and mint juleps and bid on silent auction items.

We wore our dapper Kentucky finest. I even wore Lee's hat for a picture with Deb. She had a bumble bee on hers. Appropriate because I think she got a little buzzed that night
I gave it back so that the sisters could all pose together.

It was close to 11PM when Deb and I drove home. We got into our comfortable pajamas and turned on the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.

Just as I settled in, the phone rang.

Brother in law Mark (still at the party): "Joel ... are you gonna watch the fight?"

Me: "Yeah."

Mark: "Can we come over?"

Me: "Um ... sure."

Okay, I thought, Mark and Keli coming over. No biggie. We can just kick back in my man cave with my big screen and when we get tired ...

Mark texted ... "What's your address? I just invited some more people."

Me ... "Okay ... What did you say? How many ..."

Mark ... "Don't know yet."

Me ... "Wait ..."

Too late.

Kevin came over first. We had matching hats at the event and he was still wearing his I think. I can't remember ... I was half asleep. Then two couples walked in that I never saw in my life ... two more ... somebody with a couple of six packs ... two more couples ... two more couples ... lost count ... finally Mark and Keli for a total of 29 people.

Deb and I just stood there incredulously and looked at the crowd. It was then that we heard what I considered the final blow.

Mark looked in the fridge and said ... "Joel ... What's this? You don't have anything to eat!"

 That's when Keli snapped this picture.

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KEN BANKS said...

Joel: you just verified the reason that I haven't watched a fight for over 20 years. Nothing good comes from them. Just think if the winnings went to USF instead.

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