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Momberg for Prez

I've decided to run for President.

Don't worry. I'm not going to win, and even if some miracle I did ...and I survive being struck 5 times by lightning ... I probably won't serve. I just want to walk around with the hair for a while: The Trump hair.

By the way, I DO have a campaign platform that I will promise to achieve. It's simpler and much better than Donald's or Hillary's or Bernie "Larry David" Sander's. It's better because it is what people really want, and let's face it ... if they don't I really don't care because it's what I want (works for The Donald right?):

1. I will do nothing Presidential.

That's right. Be not afraid voters, I know that I have no idea how to run a country. I know nothing about all the intricacies of foreign policy. And I can't fathom how to get the House and Senate to play nice.

So ... unlike these other candidates who have all the answers and will undoubtedly make things worse, I…


We all play games, right?

Maybe golf is yours, or bowling, or baseball, or soccer ... we play to win. Sure, you might kid yourself and say that the games you play are for relaxation or just for the sport of it. But the object is to beat your opponent or beat the system.

There are exceptions.

Let's take marriage games, for example. There are no real winners and losers and if there are ... no one talks about it later. These games are not much different than the ones you played when you were a kid. I picked a few and "adulterized" them.

1.Twenty Questions

Remember this one? You keep asking questions until you figure out what the other person is thinking:

"Did you hear about Bob and Jane?"
"Do you remember when we saw them last week at the party?"
"Didn't you think they were acting weird?"
"You never pick up on things. Didn't you notice her ring?"