Saturday, September 21, 2013

Heart Boy (The artist formerly known as Brain Boy) Takes a First Stroll Downtown

What a beautiful day.

Sun is shining, there's a breeze (well ... it's not 102˚) and best part ... I'm still kicking! So, Deb and I took a walk downtown and tried the menu at The Birchwood. It's the newest and trendiest Beach Drive Hotel/restaurant/rooftop bar in St Pete.

It's about a two mile walk from the house and I felt fine. The ticker was fine, and for my first real outing (other than 4 innings of the Rays game last night) I felt like a new man ... Maybe the six million dollar man complete with new parts installed and others rehabbed. Six million is a stretch ... the dollar ninety five man is probably a better description.

Th Birchwood has a unique outside eating area. Unique because there are large air handlers cooling off the customers ... a real step up from the spritzer fans that other eateries blow at you.

And the menu is superb.  

Debbie had a sweet potato quiche with three different cheeses.

I had a soft shell crab benedict ... poached eggs with hollandaise sauce over two soft shell crabs.

Unbelievably tasty ... Even more unbelievable when you consider one of my buddies is also one of the owners and he has no taste at all. Kidding, Kenny ... I know you probably picked out the color of the concrete sidewalk and the beer choices inside.

Check it out ... seriously. The evening dining room menu, the rooftop bar and the ambience (Kenny, that's a big word that means the way you feel when you are there and not drunk) are not to be missed. 


Bobby Allan said...

Debbie's looks good but yours looks divine! Those air coolers are way...well, cool. I can't stand those misters. Glad to see you out and about.

joel said...

Bring the beagles and come to St. Pete. Brunch is on me.

Lizz Harmon said...

Just thrilled to see you doing so well. Makes me very happy. God bless you.

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