Saturday, September 14, 2013

Forgive Me

Today is Yom Kippur. For those who are not members of one of the "tribes", on this day Jews around the world pray for forgiveness of their sins. We save them up all year for one big ask ... unlike Debbie and her weekly confessions. We have no time for the weekly sins ... Sundays are reserved for Chinese take-out.

Sam and I prayed for forgiveness together. I think Sammy reverses the process ... he forgives God for not helping him with his cell phone problems or not punishing the nursing home laundry for washing his sport coats and shrinking them so that they are unwearable. (He told everyone that passed by today about this last "blessing")

"Hi Sam ... I'm praying for your good health today."

"Did I tell you about how the laundry screwed up my sport coats? That's why I'm not wearing one today."

He asked me (loudly) to buy him a sport coat during services. I leaned close to his right ear and said:

"I will Dad ... let's talk about it after services."


"I will ... later."


I leaned across his body and spoke into his left ear.

"Why didn't you wear your hearing aid in your right ear?"

"Because I hear fine on that side." (Of course)

Happiest of holidays to all!

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Unknown said...

G'mar Chatimah Tova!
Got that from the Internet, not Hebrew school, so I hope it's correct!

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