Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Please Pass the Celery

I'm doing fine.

Two days of the South Beach Diet and I hardly feel it (feed me). I had one scrambled egg and a water for breakfast and a chicken salad for lunch and scallops for dinner last night (help!). This is a piece of cake (cake??? cake ???) and I'm not sure what all the fuss is about to just lose a few pounds ... I can do this standing on my head (I have such a headache!).

You know I figure I only have to lose about 40 pounds (WHAT? 40 POUNDS?).

Thankfully, Debbie is helping me out and she is remaining my rock (yesterday she threw the iphone at me when she couldn't figure out grams on the app). Having a partner through this process is truly a blessing (I can't wait until she goes to church on Sunday).

So ... those of you who doubt that I can last (I can't !!!) will be surprised when I finish this program and  have a new trim bod ( FAT chance).

Wish me luck that I'll be strong. (btw ... please leave an order of fries at my back door ... Debbie is not home until about 5:30)

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