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I Don't Care

Tonight, Debbie and I had the "discussion" that couples all over the world have had the last few weeks: Tiger Woods and his Fall From Grace.

Trust me ... the following is not a commentary on Tiger Woods, golf, sex or the art of text messaging multiple partners. It's really about the guy brain/ girl brain thing ... on steroids.

I'll admit I was probably in the minority among men and women this week. I didn't watch the apology and really haven't paid attention to what was said since. However ... when Woods picture popped up on the TV tonight, I made the critical mistake of saying to Debbie: "Isn't everyone over this already?"

Debbie answered, "Does that mean you condone what he's done?"

"What? No. I really don't care one way or the other."

"Of course you don't. He's ruined his family, has set a horrible example for the country ... and you don't care."

"Um ... yes ... that's right ... I don't care."

"So this country can be overrun by scumbags like him and it wouldn't bother you at all?"

"I thought we were talking about one guy who screwed up badly. I'm not taking a moral stand ... I just said I don't care."

"If someone dropped DEAD in this restaurant tonight ... would you care then?"

It was then that I knew Debbie had taken that dangerous turn into ... Theresnoanswerforthequestionbecauseitdoesntmakesense Land. We husbands know this terrain well. There's no way out.

I tried anyway: "Debbie, the people here at Outback (where we were dining) would probably share my great concern for the person who died and the family of that person. But I don't see ..."

"So ... you care about THAT and you don't even know the person ... but not about a celebrity who is a terrible role model for our children."

"Well ... since our children are all over 21 they can really make up their own minds ... but what I'm saying is that he is a great golfer and a crummy husband ... but I don't really want to hear about his sex life any more. I just wondered why people keep talking about it."

"Because people are INTERESTED that's why. Maybe it would be good if you were interested in something other than he is a great golfer."

"I only meant ..."

"Don't say anything else. You've got a piece of food in your teeth."

Damn ... She always seems to get in the last word.


Anonymous said…
Chrissy said…

I'm with you. Who cares? Like she married him for his looks and personality anyway.

Not that I CONDONE his behavior...

Love your new header!
Joel Momberg said…
@Chrissy ... LOL ... I'm not sure how he concentrated enough to play great golf over the last few years ... but then again ... who cares?
Oh hey, thanks for stopping by my circus. Hope you stay a while.

Did you buy her another drink? It usually calms my world maybe it will work for your wife, or chocolate works well too and cheesecake, since you were at a restaurant.
Joel Momberg said…
@Virginia ... Hmmm. Gotta remember the sweets next time. Alcohol makes it worse. LOL

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