Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brain Boy: Day ... I can't remember ... I lost track: Sammy Does the Rays

Sammy called me at 7 AM. It went to Voice Mail.

"Joel, I need Josh's number ... call me as soon as possible because I am going to the Rays game with Menorah Manor and want to take him."

I called him back about a half hour later.

"Dad? ... Dad? ... Dad? ... Dad? ... Dad? Well ... I guess you don't hear me..."

Just before I hung up ... "Hello?"


"Yes ... Joel is there something wrong with your phone?"

" No. Do you do that on purpose?"

"Listen Joel ... I need Josh's number. I can't find the damned thing on my memory phone thing."

"Okay. Are you ready?"





"3 ...4...6"


"1 ...2...3... dammit. I need a pencil."

"You haven't written this down?"

"No ... wait."

"No ... no ... Dad. I've got a better idea. I will call him and have him call you."

"What? You will call me?"


"Okay ... you don't have to scream."

Debbie and I went to the Rays game and met Sammy there. Josh had school and couldn't make it. He called Sammy and left him that message. We only stayed for a few innings but knew how excited he was to be there.

As soon as we saw Sammy, he said, "Hey. Good to see you. I was telling everyone that I couldn't get in touch with Josh. I wish he would have come here."

"Dad. We talked about that. You didn't even have his number and he called you to tell you he was in class ..."

"So. Debbie can you get me something to eat?"

Debbie answered, "Sure, Sammy. What do you want?"

"A hamburger."

"Can you eat a hamburger without your teeth?"

"Of course I can eat it! I just can't chew it! But maybe I'll get something else ... do they have fried chicken?"

"What? Sammy ..."

"How much is a hamburger?"

"About $10"

"Oh my God! Who makes them?"

"I don't know it's at the concession stand."

Debbie got him a cup of ice cream instead. He had a great time.

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KEN BANKS said...

How are you doing, Joel? Still have the patch. We need to get together when you are up to it. I owe you lunch (or a cup of ice cream!) let me know.

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