Saturday, August 10, 2013

Brain Boy: Day 26: A Day in the Life

I just don't know where the time goes.

My schedule is just packed solid. I never realized how much there is to do when you are taking it easy and letting your body heal. I actually had to create a minute by minute daily schedule that I religiously print out for Debbie. (Ow ... she just hit me in the back of the head and called me "liar liar pants on fire"... she curses like that all the time).

Okay ... I'll just give you some of the highlights of my day (... as I'm sure you are just dying to know).

1. Playing with pool toys.

I can't actually go swimming yet because of my various "wounds" but I do enjoy playing near the water. I stole a couple of pool toys from Ella (nephew Colby and niece Andrea's adorable daughter) who comes over to our house for swimming lessons. Her brother Tommy just started lessons too. I might just steal some some of his soon (I'm getting bored with Minnie and the Fish).

2. Taking a shower

In keeping with the water theme, showers are now a little more complicated. When my head was covered with staples and the size of Peter Boyle's, I had to be careful washing (with baby shampoo) and redressing the area. Now, those staples are out and my head is just "big" (the way it used to be) ... Unfortunately, I have more staples in my stomach and back (thanks to my new shunt) and they require more attention. Debbie helps me by patiently removing the bandage (I scream like a little girl, she slaps me and then redresses the area after coating it with antibiotics).

3. Self pity

I allow myself about a half hour a day for this ... preceded by "Why me?" or "Why not (fill in the blank of someone you'd like to see suffer)? I add another 30 minutes or more if anyone actually listens to my whining (which never happens). BUT ... I subtract 29 minutes after Debbie, who by that time has cleaned the house, cooked the meals, driven me around and still manages to do real work says ... "Really?"

4. Playing the piano.

I did it once on Thursday ... I fell asleep during "Rebecca, Rebecca Get Your Big Leg Off of Me."

5. Calling the doctor

We talk a lot. He's very patient and listens to my daily update. After the standard report on pain, numbness and double vision ... the real important stuff is covered. My last announcement came a few days after my second surgery. I told him I made pooh pooh.

He was very proud of me.


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