Sunday, August 4, 2013

Brain Boy Beginning of Week 4: Just Another Day In Paradise

Turned the corner yesterday ... not the road I had thought we'd take ... but the results were positive.

The swelling was not going down this past week ... so they ordered a CT scan. It showed fluid accumulation in more than one place. The original "Patch" that was still not completely sealed because of an abundance of fluid and fluid that hung out around the brain because of traumatic incidences. Basically ... it happens in old age (made me feel much better) and trauma like radiation and surgery (I had both)  So ... Dr. Harry decided to do a lumbar shunt (threaded next to the spine and emptying in the peritoneal cavity), The cavity is where your internal organs live so there's a lot of room for the fluid to accumulate and dissipate. In my case ... really large.

Surgery took a couple of hours ... and ... of course came with a new design of headwear.  The first picture on this page is the top netting on which I sported my glasses for that Invisible Man look.

The good news: my face shrunk immediately to its new improved slim size (slim for a portly guy). I was in pain but my head finally didn't need to be lifted by crane. Had great care the night after surgery. Chelsy was actually my ICU nurse after my first surgery and for this one as well. Big shout out to the ICU nurses. They are fantastic (Chelsy ... especially ... because she laughed at my jokes in addition to being smart and professional and very good to Debbie) I was hoping to see Lara this time (dayshift) but she was off and I had Kelly for day shift. She was equally superb.

A couple of interesting staff members were memorable for different reasons. Joe the Radiology tech did an XRAY after surgery. Maybe it's me ... but I was a little surprised that he made me stand against the wall after I left the Recovery Room . Usually they have portable boxes that are wheeled into your hospital room.

Joe had his orders.

"Okay," Joe said. Stand here and I'll take your picture." It was all pretty hazy because of the pain. "So ... what? ... did you have a car accident or something?"

"No actually ... "

"Here, Stand closer." He pushed my hip closer to the box. Pain seared through my leg.

"WOAH. Careful ... That hurts."

"Oh ... very sorry. Was it here?" Swear to God he pushed it again.

Then there were the transport guys, One was from the Philippines and told me he was really a doctor but needed a  couple of courses in court reporting to finish his degree. I almost bought it until he talked about Habitus Corps.

Got home this afternoon and continue to exist in a dreamlike state. Brain buddies Jan and Betty who are also members of the "I'm Just Wild About Harry" Head Club had prepared me for this feeling ,,, if either of you are reading this I understand (until tomorrow when I might forget).  

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