Saturday, August 24, 2013

Brain Boy: Day 37: Week Five Scorecard

It's the end of my fifth week of "rehab". I'm using a new measurement tool to determine how much progress I've made.

Here's my Week 5 Scorecard:

1. Trips to TGH for surgery .... Score: 0
Feeling good about this one. I was 3 for 4 now I am officially 3 for 5! I was starting to thing that I was a "things that can go wrong" teaching instrument for the residents.

2. Numbness on right side of the face .... Score: 98%
Yesterday I felt two of my teeth (that counts for a 2% decrease) Okay ... I'm desperate here. I know it's gonna take some time to get feeling back. But two teeth are better than nothing.

3. Double Vision ... Score: 100%
My pirate patch is getting a workout. The only way to reduce the number of faces I shave in the morning is to close an eye. Today, Debbie and I went to lunch in Tampa and a young girl walked past me saying, "Hey, that's a cool patch you're wearing." Later, I realized she had just been to the Comic Con at the Convention Center and probably thought I was one of the Walking Dead. Geez ... now it's a fashion statement.

4. Whining ... Score: 50%
I'm making great progress here. I have cut the "feeling sorry for myself" score in half. Debbie only had to listen to me for 3 days.

5. Energy Level ... Score: Pretty Darn Good
I'm not breaking any track records, but I have been moving my sorry butt around town a lot more lately.

Overall ... I'm doing ...  (yawn) ... better than ...(why me, Debbie?) ... I thought I would at this point.


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