Saturday, July 6, 2013

Heady Stuff

"You should get your head examined!"

That's what Dr. van Loveren tells me about every six months. It might be because I drive him crazy with questions about my puny brain ... or it might be because he's really interested in the results. My last MRI was not the picture I expected.

The schwannoma (I Was Born Very Young: Cyber Memories / Oct 28, 2011) that I wrote about in 2010 ... had grown back.

It is still benign and still in the same place it was when it was zapped with the cyberknife. I was prepared for this because I knew this would happen some day ... but from what Harry had told me, it would be at least 20 years or so.

"So what should I do?"

Harry studied the films. "Well, you could wait a few more years. It's still growing slowly."


"No ... more like 4-5." He looked at me and leaned across his desk. "I'd say the sooner we get this out the better."

That was a few months ago. When I picked my chin off the ground, scheduled the surgery and reviewed my options ... I felt much better. This tumor that I have is not malignant. It's not going to kill me ... it sits on the brain amid a facial nerve or two and is not the easiest thing to remove (from what I gathered) but Harry is one of the best.

I know he's one of the best because I went for a second opinion. Deb and I travelled to Johns Hopkins to speak to the Chief of Neurosurgery ... waited for about 5 hours. He studied my films,

"So ... you're Harry van Loveren patient in Tampa."

I nodded my head.

"He told me all about you."

"He did?"

"Yep ... saw him a few weeks ago."

"You know him?"

"Sure do ... he trained me in Cincinnati. Best there is. If I had to get this done, I'd go to Harry." He smiled.

That's all I needed to know. I told Harry about my trip and he said the same thing. "Told you I was pretty good." I'm scheduled for July 15 ... feeling very confident.

You know, there are some benefits to awaiting brain surgery. Sympathy ... for one thing. I've won a lot of arguments and can easily get my way lately ... all I have to do is say:

"Excuse me ... I'm gonna have brain surgery!" (It shortened our wait at the movie theater.)


A Daft Scots Lass said...

All the best for your brain surgery....

joel said...

Thanks Gillian ... Who knows? They might find something that works up there!

joel said...
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KEN BANKS said...

Joel: gives new meaning to the saying: "Well, this isn't brain surgery." Just make sure they don't mess up that creative lobe. Will be praying for a complete success.

joel said...

Thanks Kenny. Ill be doing some creative loafing for a month or so.

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