Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brain Boy Days 8,9 and 10

I took Tuesday and Wednesday off.

My head thought it was a good idea. Apparently, my head has a mind of its own. (Did I really just say that?) I didn't physically go anywhere on Tuesday ... but amusement park rides filled my dreams ... not the fun kind. The ones with scary clown faces and roller coasters that aren't anchored to the tracks.

Yesterday was doctor's day ... the day my stitches were coming out. Well ... I thought they were. I dressed for my "coming out" party. Even shaved ... and put on a nice shirt for the first time in 10 days.

Dr. Harry checked out my head. "Let's wait another week before we take out the staples. Fluid is leaking ... spinal fluid ... it needs more time to dry out and heal. This happens in the healing process. Your head will probably get even bigger."

"So ... " I calmly asked as I pictured myself picking up pieces of my brain from the floor and folding them in my scalp. " ... is this a bad thing ... you know fluid leaking and stuff ... Are you concerned Harry? I mean ... infection? I thought I was doing okay ..."

"You are. As Schwannoma repair goes ... you've got a solid rate of progress."

"Okay ... okay ... I'm sorry ... just these new sensations ... can't feel my face ... my brains leaking out ... too many questions, huh?"

Harry reached over and grabbed my arm. "Don't apologize. Ever. You don't have to feel bad about anything. I don't. That's my job as a neurosurgeon. Let me tell you a story. One day I was sitting in my office and one of my mentors came in to see me. He asked me what was wrong. I unloaded ... my first patient this morning didn't make it, the second had a stroke and I've got a hellacious schedule this afternoon...

Harry sat back.

" ... he looked at me and said, 'Listen to me. The guy in the next room doesn't give a shit. He's just been sitting there thinking that he is the only thing on your mind today, As far as he knows ... you just got here and he could care less that you had all this other stuff going on. Now get in there and suck it up. He's your most important case today. Good talk'."    

I shook his hand.

Harry said, "So was there anything else you wanted to talk about."

I looked him in the eye. "Just one more thing. Tonight when my head is the size of the front end of a Buick and I start to give birth ... can I call the baby Harry?"

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