Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brain Boy: Days 15 and 16: Does this come with a matching robe?

The last couple of days, headgear has been uppermost on my mind.

Being the fashionista that I am, I've been trying different designs for a "brain wrap".  Yesterday, for example, I visited the neuro clinic to check out a design (left) that would actually stay on my head in the middle of the night. My last wrap wound up on the pillow.

You see, another practical benefit for the right apparel is that applied pressure and a stable bandage will hopefully stem the outpouring of internal brain fluid that has caused some pain and pressure inside my skull.  This is not necessarily the norm ... but not unusual after surgery to have swelling from internal fluid leaks. But in my case, the leaking has been a little problematic because it doesn't seem to want to slow down. Must be my active brain (or just plain big head).

The "hat" is the key... the sleeker the design the more it will restrict the flow and seal the leak. Unfortunately, stylish as it is ... last night, the same thing happened. The bandage crept up my head and landed on my pillow as well. In both cases, the swelling pushed it up and out.

So ... back to the clinic again today where I was fitted with a very interesting style (left). It looked like: Santa Clause meets Osama Bin Laden. I'm wearing it proudly tonight. It has it's own fancy ties that tighten when you need just the right pressure. When this is done I will have my very own torture chamber items ... worth at least $3.99 I would bet.

That's it for me ... so how was your day?

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