Sunday, January 22, 2012

Who Needs Craig's List?

This morning the weather changed from cold to "freezing your butt off".

I took these pictures from the window of our hotel room. The left side was yesterday morning ... the right side was this morning.

Snow. Beautiful snow.

Until we went outside ... then it was just slush and ice and we were slipping and sliding down Times Square.

We met up with Alissa at a brunch place called Laconda Verde. Cool place ... we ordered palenta waffle, zucchini frittata, lemon curd pancakes ... it was delicious.

Looked for the owner, Robert De Niro, but he didn't show. Can you believe it?    

We visited a museum this afternoon that was really extraordinary. You can only see it in New York.

The Tenement Museum is located on Orchard Street in the heart of the old garment district. The last owner of this building kept it fairly close to what it was like over 100 years ago when immigrant families lived and worked there.

We took the Sweatshop Tour (the era of the Jewish garment workers).

Harry Levin and his family lived in a small two room apartment with his 6 kids and 4 boarders ... all working around a single sewing machine.

I was very interested in the Levin family for another reason ... that was my mother's maiden name. The guide showed us pictures of his son Max ... Looked just like my grandfather.

Who knows? This might be my inherited apartment!

With the rent that New Yorkers pay now ... it probably rents for $10,000 a week today.

If it IS mine ... I'll give it to Alissa.

She told me that it looked a lot roomier than her present apartment.

That reminds me ... It was embarrassing how she kept putting her clothes in the closet during the tour.

The cap she was wearing is actually 50 years old. She found it hanging on the wall right behind her.

By the way ... The gift shop is a classic. We loved it.

The books had titles like Born to Kvetsh, How to Train a Jewish Dog and Be a Mensch not a Schmuck.

I'd go back to this museum any time.

There were three more tracks that we didn't have time to see and a separate outdoor tour segment that was not offered today because of the weather.

We left the tour to get ready for the play we have tickets for ... Million Dollar Quartet (the story of Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash). Can't wait!

Hey ... we just passed a billboard that Alissa must have posted ... I HAVE TO LOOK INTO THAT TENEMENT APARTMENT!

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