Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oooo La La

So we decide at the last minute to fly stand-by to Paris.

Those who know us are not surprised. Those who don't ... think we are idiots. Personally, I side with the latter group. But, undaunted, we continue to brave the Delta Airways ... hoping against hope to get space available and not spend days waiting at the airport.

This time it worked! Praise be to you-know-who!!!

We actually flew to Paris in BUSINESS CLASS.

Yes ... that's right ... Business Class ... the Class of Class. Okay ... so I'm obnoxious about it. The years of having others look at us in disdain for being "Non-Revs" ... the cheap, low life, airline employees that get to fly for free ... finally paid off.

Here I am sitting comfortably in my Biz Class seat. 

I checked all the toys that were close at hand. Thought that this was an earphone but it turned out to be a reading light.

These were the real earphones. They live next to the goody bag filled with special treasures like sleep mask, toothpaste, toothbrush, kleenex and some smelly socks.

Before we take off, we are handed champagne to toast each other.

 Then the safety film comes on to our individual armrest television sets. (You know the one that still tells you you can't smoke and how to buckle a seat belt for all the people that have been encased in glaciers for the past century.)

Dinner choices are incredible: tenderloin tips, pasta marinara, halibut ... real food with real china and real silverware.

After the meal, we slept, watched 3 movies in 7 and a half hours and finally landed ... then we met the cab drivers!!!!


KathrynWat said...

Economy class was spoiled for me forever in summer 2003 (not that it was ever super fun). We used flier miles to upgrade the flight from JFK to Athens. That was the only time I could say the 11-hour flight was enjoyable! Now I have to fly economy most of the time, so I take sleeping pills, after what 'mess' passes for dinner, to make the time pass more quicklier!

joel said...

@ Kathryn... It definitely spoils you. Sounds like you are flying international Alot. You need drugs whether or not it's biz class or coach. I would!

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