Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jews at Christmas

This time of year, I always get asked ... "So, what do you do for Christmas ... do you celebrate?"

The assumption ... which is understandable ... is that because I was raised Jewish, I would not celebrate. But, I quickly dispel that myth and tell everyone that I do in fact celebrate everything and immediately hand them my printed gift list and my registered account at many of the fine stores in the Bay Area.

I also refer them to my favorite Christmas video from SNL: When The Jews Come Out For Christmas. You can click on it below ... it's very accurate.

Jews actually love Christmas. It's the biggest retail holiday of the year ... many Jewish store owners do quite well. The Chinese Restaurants get a boost in business ... and the movie lines are much shorter.

Hannukah, as I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, is just a made-up holiday for Jewish kids so they won't feel left out. It never worked for me, by the way, lighting those lame candles every night and getting some gelt (Yiddish word for money ... like about a dollar a night) just didn't cut it. Growing up in New Orleans with the other three Jews in town made me love Christmas even more.

So ... to my Christian brothers and sisters and my Catholic relatives ...

Merry Christmas to ALL ... it's the season of giving ...
(remember, I could use XL sweaters, a new IPad case, money also works ...) 

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