Saturday, October 26, 2013

Birthday Gifts

Did I tell you about my grandson?

Oh I did? Too bad ... I'm gonna talk about him some more. Today, Deb and I got more mileage (literally) with Cole. Last night he did his first poop with me and his first spit up with Deb. So this morning ... he was exhausted. His mom even said he lost interest in his food source for a few minutes.

We came bearing gifts.

Super soft and cuddly bear was first out of the box. Second was monogrammed spit up cloths.

We also got Cole some pretty sweet kicks ...

... And a cool book :"Goodnight NOLA" that we picked up months ago in New Orleans at Maple Street Bookstore. "Goodnight Beans and rice ... Goodnight crawfish ... Goodnight Bunny bread ..."

A One-sie (or two-sie or ... what is that anyway?) Oh well ... its pretty cute.

You know they tell you the best part about being a grandparent is that you can give them back...

I'm not so sure I agree!

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