Monday, June 17, 2013

As Weddings Go ... This one Rocked

Saturday was the K and K wedding.

And it was a beautiful wedding ... yeah I know that everybody says that about weddings ... but this one truly was. First of all, Kate and Kyle's friends look like they are right out of central casting in Hollywood, the place for the reception was "a decked out barn" nestled in the mountains and they had a kick ass band. 

The grandkids were decked out in cool threads.

Here's Wes with his Uncle Mark showing off his new bebop cap and suspenders. Wes is really an old man in a little boy's body. Right after this I think he put $100 down on the number 3 horse to win.
Here are sister Eve and brother Nolan getting ready for the big day. Eve had her kick starts on and Nolan had his Converse allstars.

Nolan must have a paper route after the wedding and Eve is getting ready to record her next country album.(hopefully not with her Aunt Keli who belts out "Alcohol" in the key of fractured C)
The grandparents of the groom, Larry and Joanne stand by Monsignor Devine just after the ceremony.

Father Devine is a very cool priest ... 81 years old and knew the Gallaghers for over 40 years when he arrived in St. Pete from Ireland. He told me that after the wedding he was leaving for South Africa  to referee an NCAA wrestling match. (He just came back from the Arctic Circle).

This is Lee ... Debbie's sister and real estate partner. She usually takes embarrassing pictures of me.

Oh well .... paybacks are hell.

 Here's brother Tom ... father of the groom giving a very uplifting speech about marriage. I think he actually said MAWWWAAAGE.

Just kidding, it was very good ... but not as good as his other son Colby who actually brought everyone to tears. (especially his wife Andrea who told him to cut it short).

There we are with the bride and groom.

(nothing relevant to say here ... just wanted to get our pictures in).

We all gave a sendoff to the bride and groom with an array of sparklers. This was supposed to be them coming down the line ... but Richard Mastry stepped in the way.

This is a great picture of mom, Dennie, dancing with her little boy. You can see the cast of thousands (friends who helped out) in the background. Some are also members of the God Squad ... they and Dennie and Debbie have a "direct line" on Monday nights.

Love this picture.

Debbie was overcome during the mother/son dance (or was it when I accidentally spilled wine on her dress?)

Seriously, Kyle and Kate ... you throw a helluva wedding. All the best. We love ya.

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