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Ever have those things during the day that make your brain explode? Here is a brief list of my pet peeves (SEND ME YOURS):

1. Receipts from Dunkin Donuts. Every morning, I stop at DD to get my usual egg white veggie flatbread and coffee coolatta with skim milk. I know it's going to cost $6.20 (although the DD on Fowler sells it for $5.90 ... go and figure). There are a handful of servers who always take my money and pretty well know who I am at this point ... after 300 flatbreads ... they politely give me change and a receipt.

I, in turn, politely hand the receipt back and say, "I really don't need it, thank you." They throw it away so I don't have to. Every morning the same thing happens. Sometimes I just throw it away myself and don't bother handing it back. I'd love it if just one time they would ask, "Would you like the receipt?"

I don't get it. Who keeps these things? (Except for my wife who gets receipts for everything just in case she needs to return that pack of gum or cup of coffee).

2. Sign Language Interperters at the Rays Games During the Star Spangled Banner. Okay, before you call me an insensitive bastard (already did, huh?) let me explain. I have no beef with "the signers". They are hired to do this for the hearing impaired and those who cannot hear at all. I am 100% in favor of having a mechanism that includes all fans in attendance.

What bugs me is that THEY DO have a mechanism already. The words are flashed around the stadium as the music plays. I told this to a person who will go unnamed (Debbie) ... who replied, "Well ... what if they are blind too?"

I told her to ask her sister, Keli (who still thinks that rabbits lay eggs at Easter).

3. People Who Give Advice To People They Don't Know. Talk Radio is the mecca for these folks. Frustrated sports junkies, legal "experts", fanatic star chasers ... they REALLY make my brain explode.

Then there's Reality TV ... but that will take a few hundred blog pages.


Anonymous said…
I was LMAO and said "omg, I am SOOO related to her" then read it out loud to mark... at which point he pointed out that I AM related to her....
then I read the part about ME and laughed even harder... Mark is annoyed with me: he thinks I should be more embarrassed than amused....
Joel Momberg said…
Don't be embarrassed Keli. Sometimes us Yittans say dumb things too.
KathrynWat said…
1. Any type of reality television, or talk radio.

2. People who abbreviate the English language to near-extinction (e.g., I have no idea what LMAO, IMAO mean, but I finally figured out OMG).

3. Dieting to lose weight.

4. Any kind of encounter with cockroaches.

5. The (necessary) invasiveness of dentistry.

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