Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Left My (Like What Did I Leave, Man? Wow ... The Colors) In San Francisco

Day 2 in San Francisco was spent with a potential donor who worked on Haight Street. Nicole Johnson, my fellow "beggar of money", and I walked down the street before the meeting to experience Haight/Ashbury live and in living color (yah man).

Nicole's daughter, Ava, took this picture. She's 6 and takes much better pictures than I do.

Ava had to use the bathroom right after this picture was taken so we rushed her into the restaurant next door. You knew you weren't in Kansas anymore when you saw a sign that read:

 "Eating here or paying one dollar doesn't entitle you to write on our walls, shoot up or take naps in our restroom".

Saw Medusa and decided not to look her in the eyes. You know what they say ... she can turn you into stone. Or is that make you STONED. (maybe I should rethink the covered eyes thing)

Speaking of stoned ...

Must be ZZ Top's house ... She's got Legs! (big uns)

This is the Hardware Store?

More tomorrow!

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