Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's Truly an Art

This weekend, we took a stroll through Vinoy Park to enjoy the sights, tastes and sounds of The Mainsail Art Festival.

(Translation ... Debbie told me we were going to the Art Festival to buy a painting for one of our 23 blank walls ... on the way to Home Depot to get a leaf blower.)

We didn't make it past the first tent.

Myles, my "former" brother in law, was passing out flyers for his son Shane's business venture. Pam, his wife and daughter Kimmie trailed behind. Shane has a website for artists ... great concept ... with a few exceptions ... there is no cost to the artist, Shane gets no commission and his dad has to buy a piece of art from each artist.

More friends strolled by to talk.

Scott and Beth ... Janie and Ron ... Troy  ... Kathy ... Bill ... about 30 more people we didn't even know but pretended to because they seemed to know us .

Needless to say ... we didn't get very far ... didn't even see the whole show. But we did talk to Harvey and Kathleen.

We talked about old times. Our kids played soccer together for years. Those of you with soccer kids probably know what that means. We spent every holiday, weekend and most evenings together in towns like New Port Richey, Valrico and Land O Lakes.

We all had jobs serving our children ... like bringing oranges, driving carpool, screaming at the opposing coach and getting ejected from the playing field.

Harvey had the most important job. He was the head of the Soccer Tent Committee. He chose his committee carefully ... Gary, Scott and me. Well ... it wasn't that "carefully" ... he picked what he could get.

We immediately renamed it the Erection Committee.

Harvey instructed us on everything from organizing our poles to pitching our tent. We got so good at it that it became a military operation that was admired by all our families and even coveted by our competitors.

We competed with other clubs and continually won awards like ...

"Best Erection"
"Biggest Erection"
"Quickest Erection"

We came in third for "Erection Completed with the Fewest Members".

Those were the days.

We said goodbye to Harvey and Kathleen. It was getting late ... we found nothing to buy at the first tent ...

So off to Home Depot.


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Shane Metler said...

Dear Editor(s),

As a concerned reader of your internet weblog, I would like to report some factual inconsistencies in your article titled "It's Truly an Art".

While it is true that NoBullART is a fantastic website for artists to exhibit and sell their artwork for free (see for yourself @, there is in fact no stipulation that Dr Myles H Levitt, DDS PA needs to purchase any artwork from any artists.

In addition, while no commissions or fees are collected from artists, the website does collect daily advertising revenue (which covers the operating expenses.) NoBullART's mission is one of a non-profit (philanthropic) endeavor that gives up-and-coming artists an opportunity to showcase their artwork to the world.

Thanks in advance for your consideration,
Shane K. Metler

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