Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh ... Really?

I lost 20 pounds.

Although I don't recommend this diet to my friends (a week and a half in the hospital and numbness on the side of your face that destroys your appetitie) it works! Just look at me now ... and this is just the result of walking every day.

The calls keep coming in ... Men's Health wants me on their cover, some cologne named Obsession wants me to endorse their product and Jared from Subway calls me every ten minutes. Oh ... and there's a new movie with Brad Pitt and they want me to be a body double.

I have to go now ... I have a body waxing and tattoo appointment at noon.



Gillian said...

Brad's body doesn't look anything like should insist on being the star!

Joel Momberg said...

Thanks Gillian! I TOLD Brad that.

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