Sunday, February 28, 2016

Big Apple Continued

We decided to sleep late.

It was about 11 when we made our way to the lobby and saw the most incredible array of food items ever assembled on a Sunday Brunch line. 

The only mistake we made before we dove in was to check the price. An omelette and a few shrimp later, I paid the bill. 

"You need to make 15 more trips up there!" Debbie told me as she looked at the $200 total. 

She also went to St. Patrick's Cathedral to pay for our sins right after our breakfast. I did what most heathens do ... Skipped church. 

At 3 PM we met our good friends Tara and Tod Leiweke. Tod is the COO for the NFL and has been Goodell's right hand for the past few months since moving to New York. 

We went to the Metropolitan Museum, Tod's favorite spot. I didn't realize that Tod knew much about art. 

I was impressed when Tod said to me "So let me get this straight ... An artist puts paint on his brushes and then he splashes it around on a canvas." 

"And that is called a painting!"

"Ahh. Yes."

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