Saturday, February 27, 2016

Coughing up the Big Apple

On our way to NYC.

Deb did a birthday weekend for me.  I'm not sure what's planned (not for the usual reason of not paying attention). She actually kept it all a secret. So far I know we are flying Delta. 

I'm sipping some hot tea because ... Big surprise ... I've been living with the flu. When I caught it a week ago I heard that some people have it for two days but others ... (Translation: me!) ... Have it for weeks. This type of flu stays pretty much in the chest and causes fits of coughing. My fellow passengers just presented a petition to the captain asking for my removal. 

Good thing it's about 20 degrees in New York. Should teach those bad germs a lesson. 

I'll keep you posted as we make our way through New York or hack our way through. 

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