Friday, December 24, 2010

More Conversations with Grampy (Sammy)

Today, Nikki, Alissa and I took Grampy to Bob Evans to get his favorite breakfast ... pancakes and bacon with HOT coffee. I say HOT because no matter how hot they bring it ... it's never hot enough. He has never ... I mean never ... accepted a cup of coffee without giving it back to get it hotter.

Here were some of todays gems:

"I went to Walmart last week on the (Menorah Manor) bus. I brought a coupon for Subway ... you know ... buy a 6 inch sandwich and get one free. Well ... I'll be damned ... I ordered a sandwich that didn't qualify for the deal."

"What did you do?"

"What do you think I did ... I had to buy two sandwiches. I took one back with me. I couldn't eat it all."

"I had a date the other day. Yeah ... she's got a car ... you know? Doesn't live there ... her husband was a resident who died a few months ago."

"So you asked her out?"

"Sure. She's got a car and she always brings me cabbage soup. What else could I do?"

Say ... I went to the podiatrist to get my feet checked."

"Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah. He couldn't believe I was 89 ... told me I had legs like a teenager."


By the way ... we don't have a home for Christmas. It's now to the point that we can no longer stay there ... unless we brave the dust from the floors being sanded and the walls torn down. AND ... the kids are all in town.

I found a place to do Saki shots last night!

Merry ... um ... Whatever!

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joel said...

@Matty ... Merry Christmas.

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