Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Conversations with Sammy

Sammy called the other day ... Debbie was the unfortunate one to answer the phone.

"Debbie, I want to order something for one of my friends out of the Harry and David catalogue. I don't have a credit card so what do I do?"

"Okay Sam ... I've got a catalogue here and you've got yours there ... so ... let's go through it together. I'll order it for you. "

"Okay ... now how do I do this without a credit card."

"I'll take care of it and you can pay me back if you want ... but it'll still come from you."

"But if I don't have a credit card ..."

"Sam ... just look at the pictures and tell me what you want ."

An hour later ... Sam finally figured out what he wanted and what page it was on. It was painful, but Debbie is very patient. I would have just gone over there and had Sam point and by the time I came back home with an answer it would still been half the time it took to do it over the phone.

"Okay ... So that's The Tower of Sweets and it goes to Frank Bricker right?"

"Yeah ... Page 12 ... it's on page 12."

"I got it ... so what do you want to say on the card?"

" Um ... Put on the card ... Let's see ... Thank you for being so nice. I miss you and love you ... and put it from Sam ... no, wait a minute make it from Sam and Joel ... or you know what? Put your name on it too ... wait ... you don't even know Frank ... make it Sam and family."

"Okay ... I'll send it tomorrow."


Three days go by ... Sam calls back.

"Debbie ... I made a big mistake!"

"Oh no... did you give me a wrong address?"

"No ... Frank's wife is diabetic. I just remembered. We have to cancel the order and order something else."

"Well Sam ... it's already been shipped."

"What do we do? You have to call them and tell them it was a mistake."

" But Sam ... it's already gone. I think they will understand ..."

"No ... this is awful."

"Sam ... I tell you what ... I have to go to the office for a closing. Here's the 800 number. Do you want to talk to them?"

"Yes ... I will do that."

Well ... you probably know what happened next. An hour later ... Sam calls Debbie again.

"I can't believe those people. First of all it's all recordings so I got really confused ... then they asked for my account number. I told them I don't have one (he of course did have an account number and Debbie had him write it down)  Those people talk so fast .. I'm gonna call Frank and tell him to make them come get it and get something different."

The next day ...

"Debbie ... I just want you to know she is NOT diabetic. I am so glad we didn't cancel the order because she is so happy."

"Awww that's great Sam."

"They loved it ... they said it was so nice of me and guess what?"


"Their daughter is a doctor."

"Well ....... isn't that nice?

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