Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why Do You Think It's Called Underwear?

I'm over it. Pants have finally sunk to a new low. When this "trend" started a few years ago I thought it wouldn't last.

What do I know?

I saw this guy last night walking down the street with one hand holding his phone and the other holding his pants. I think they were shorts but since they were around his ankles ... who could really tell? He crossed the street in front of me and, even though the light was turning red, he slowed down to make sure everyone (that's me and one other car) saw him as he sauntered in front of us.

I can't believe more "fallout" hasn't happened. You can't really "keep this up" forever. I hope there will be a "drop off" of this fad ... soon. It's got to be "short" lived.

So ... What's the message here? I can't figure out what is being communicated.

Maybe it's ... "I am so tough that my pants are afraid to be close to me?"

I mean really!

For these guys ... there's gotta be the additional concern of safety. How can you possibly keep your gun secure?

Okay, I know what SOME of you are thinking.

I should to be less like the crabby old man who stands in the middle of the street and screams at motorists to slow down ... and more tolerant with these new trends.

Well ... Forget it!

Gimme the good old days when pants fit where they were supposed to.



No. Shan't. said...

I 100% agree. I cannot stand the sight of jeans being held up with a belt BELOW the buttocks instead of OVER them.

Toni said...

I agree! I can't stand "pants on the ground, pants on the ground"! I asked a student at school one time why he wore his pants way down like that and he said he "was giving his extra large penis some room" whereas I responded, "it must be very cold out today because I don't see him anywhere". Youth???

joel said...

@shan't ... I know ... I just don't get it. Does anyone like it except the wearers?

@Toni .... Love it. Wish I could've seen his face.

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