Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do We Still Have Bathrooms?

To me ... two of scariest words in the English language are home renovations.

The TV show, Extreme Makeover, took renovations to a whole new level. In 60 minutes (well ... probably more like 38 with commercials) they completely transform a lousy looking house, hide it, then scream out ... MOVE THAT BUS and ... voila ... a new mansion. Do you believe it? Yeah? Well ... YOU'VE OBVIOUSLY NEVER BEEN THROUGH HOME RENOVATIONS. Trust me a more accurate description would be:

"A time when life, as you know it, ceases to exist ... until the NEXT home renovation happens."

I admit I'm not the handiest guy on the block with a hammer. Okay ... make that the planet and include any tool you can think of. 

Jews are missing the handyman gene. They hire others who can hammer, staple, glue ... whatever those other jobs are.

We are in the middle of renovations as we speak. Hah! We are in the middle of renovations as we sleep. Debbie is always renovating ... even when I think we have finished. Silly me ... we are NEVER finished.

This time we are adding a porch, closing a porch in, opening up a room to create an office, closing an office, eliminating a bedroom and creating a bedroom. Confused? Talk to Debbie ... she's the only one I know that actually understands what she's doing. I am really just along for the ride. I take it a day at a time. Apparently, we'll have lots more room when we open up a third of the house with minimal furniture while we squeeze what we have into the hallways and already filled garage. 

I just got a new TV set for the living room. Unfortunately,  we apparently will no longer have a living room and the TV set will be in a smaller "game" room with no games in it. We are building a pool though ... it's a little bigger than our bathtub which makes it a floater, I guess.

Anyway .... someday soon (2020) I might be able to actually scream "MOVE THAT BUS

By then ... Debbie will probably put me on it.

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